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Review from a student who took FIN 357
Yoon was terrible. Even once you get past the accent, you realize that the man can't teach. He answerts your question by repeating it back to you, then staring. How can this guy be teaching some of my major sequence courses? Thanks, UT, for nothing.
Review from a student who took FIN 357
This class was terrible. The only grades are the tests which are very difficult. Class is incredibly boring. Yoon can barely speak English, let alone teach a class. The only way to learn is by teaching yourself. If possible take another teacher. This class made me want to change majors.

Grades given in courses taught by Pyung Yoon

When teaching FIN 367

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 31% 46% 17% 4% 1% 0%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 1.50
Grading Fairness: 2.00
Lecture Quality: 1.00
Overall: 1.00

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