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Review from a student who took TC 357
Dr. Winslade is a wise old man. He's also really nice and personable for someone as smart as he is. Awesome class.
Review from a student who took FS 318
Dr. Winslade is an easy going and beyond reasonable professor. He doesn't teach at UT very often, but when he appears on that course schedule don't hesistate to take him. For this class, the grades were based on 3 papers, each of which were take home and he made us promise to only spend 6 hours on max. Since we had a week from when he gave them to us, I highly doubt most of the students stuck to this idea of 6 hours of continuous writing and turning in. I thought it was a little funny that he had faith in our ethics in a medical ethics class. I didn't spend more than 6 hours though, because the topics were short and interesting. Overall, common sense and a little reading will make this class a breeze.

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