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Review from a student who took soc 325k
I certainly DO NOT think that he is the GREATEST professor ever... not even close. His tests were okay. you have to study though. They were not horrible but i did not like them either.1/2 multiple choice and 1/2 short answer+fill in the blanks. He is VERY VERY VERY anal about the fill in the blank section. For example, if you make a word plural or mispell it by one letter it counts the whole entire question wrong. His lectures were entertaining. however, personally, i think he is sexist, racist, and ignorant- he goes about it in a subtle in his jokes. I've had way better profs.
Review from a student who took SOc 302
All I have to say is that he is "THE BOMB" but maybe because I was an 'A' student.
Review from a student who took soc 325k
One of the greatest professors at UT. Not only is this professor credited with national recognition, he is an amazing teacher. The lectures are so interesting, and the manner in which he teaches is so refreshing, interactive... I never had a desire to miss class. I highly recommend taking criminology with Dr. Warr. The class is amazing.
Review from a student who took
Review from a student who took Soc325K
This guy...ugh. I took a class from him in 2008. Lectures were ok...more about him and his exploits and experiences with local police. He makes you buy his book for the course. Kind of seems like a conflict of interest if a professor require someone to buy their book...for their profit. Forget about asking him to review his UNFAIR grading partial credit or consideration for using verbage that came out of a Texas Statutes...he did however let another student retake a test because she studied the wrong chapters, she happened to be pretty young and blonde. Kind of gross to see him fall all over himself to talk to the girls and help them with anything they need. If you’re a will get little to no consideration.

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percentage: 26% 34% 22% 8% 6% 4%

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