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Review from a student who took ACC 310F
Easy class. Not too much work - the most came with a project at the end of the semester. Entertaining lecturer that keeps things interesting. Tests weren't that bad, but they were fairly comprehensive. This course was an easy A for me. As with most classes, you have to pay attention and stay on top of the material as the course goes along.
Review from a student who took ACC 310F
Class is easy and fun to attend, sometimes lecture finishes early. Verduzco makes the class entertaining and he only teaches what is on the test but be sure to read the book. There is no homework, only practice problems. Tests are multiple choice and he gives a practice exam to study from. Take Verduzco if you want a light class for the semester.
Review from a student who took ACC 310 F
Some blockhead in class said that we should have pop quizzes. that is not good.
Review from a student who took ACC 310F
Verduzco is a friendly guy and is always cracking jokes, keeps students laughing. The only thing is that he doesnt really cover material all that well, but if you go to class and study well for tests you should make a descent grade.
Review from a student who took ACC 310F
This class is not that difficult if you go to lectures. He presents the material well and if you ask questions he can thoroughly explain it if you don't understand it at first. His lectures are interesting and he keeps you awake. If you study the review and understand the concepts you will do well on the exams, though he has some tricky questions sometimes.
Review from a student who took ACC 310F
Verduzco is a funny guy, but the material is not funny at all. You have to do the work daily or you might not catch up in the end. Tests are hard...Good luck if you decide to take it!
Review from a student who took Acc 310f
This class is such a pain. David is a great prof and his lectures are interesting but the class is sooo hard. Tests kill you. He curves a lot and the homework and group projects will help you out a little. Also, the final exam will replace your lowest test grade. (I think this is something new) I dont recommend taking this class..and if you do, then Good luck!
Review from a student who took acc 310f
This class is pretty easy. Verduzco sets up the grading scale to help you out. He's a nice guy and tries to make accounting interesting. There are group projects that you do in class, they are not difficult and you always get out early on those days.
Review from a student who took ACC310F
At first impression, David is very friendly and makes you think that the class will be pleasant. But later when the tests happen, he is merciless. During lecture, he makes a lot of wise cracks that distract from what he is lecturing. There is not much explaination during lecture. Don't take this class if you don't have to. And if you do, then GOOD LUCK!
Review from a student who took ACC 310F
Verduzco makes accounting lectures surprisingly fun but the tests are no joke. He makes them really hard and is merciless when it comes to tests. He doesnt' cover material all that well but if you study from the book and do the suggested hmwks, then it's not that bad. Group projects are good if you have good members
Review from a student who took ACC 310F
The course was okay, but yet a little fustrating at times. There were 3 major tests and several group activities. The tests were multiple choice and fairly easy. The professor gave extensive reviews before each test, which were pretty helpful. There was no homework-only practice problems. I would advice doing the practice problems because they do help with learning the material for tests and group activities. So,overall the rest of the course was okay except activities. Some students do well and others do not. I would just advise you to get in a good group and review the material before each group activity. So, depsite the chances of getting in a bad group, the course was great and making an A is possible.
Review from a student who took xymgpUMPETXCsWVQ
7uSr53 Thanks again for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more.

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When teaching ACC 310F

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percentage: 22% 46% 24% 4% 2% 3%

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When teaching ACC 311

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 23% 30% 25% 11% 6% 5%

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