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Review from a student who took PHY 303K
At the beginning of the year Turner seemed awesome! Somehow, during the course of the semester, Turner GOT BORING. Who knows what happened! His lectures consisted of him talking to himself and stuttering like nothing else. However, he does care for the success of his students and holds tri-weekly problem sessions that basically give you the answers to the homework. DO THE HW; don't get lazy. It will really help you on the tests. Turner is probably one of the better physics professors and is really generous to Honors students. There are four tests but one gets dropped. If you are in Honors, he curves to a low-B. Otherwise, he curves them to a mid-C. His demonstrations are really neat and that makes you stay awake in class. This class requires a lot (too much) of time and is probably not a good idea to take this class and EE 316 at the same time. Good luck!
Review from a student who took PHY 303K
Dr. Turner is not the best professor at UT by far. If you have the chance to take Fitzpatrick...DO! He is by far the #1 physics teacher because he strays from the other professors. All of the physics professors do the same material, same homework, same tests, etc EXCEPT for Fitzpatrick (You're grades WILL be better). If you can't get into his class, then Turner is the next best choice. The homework is on the web, there are 4 tests during the semester (1 is dropped) and a final. If you get an A on the final, you get an A in the class. If you get a B on the final, you get at least a B in the class. To put it simple, this class will not be easy! It's not extremely important which professor (other than Fitzpatrick) that you get. Good luck!
Review from a student who took PHY 303K
Turner is probably one the the best overall Physics Prof. I had him for the second semester Physics and I enjoyed his class. He is a good lecture and does a lot of demostrations. He really enjoys the subject which makes the class more enjoyable. The basic class is extremely hard and is the same in every class. All the homework is on the web. The good thing about Turner is if you get an A on the Final you get an A in the class. That is how I managed my A. I would highly recommend you taking Turner.
Review from a student who took PHY 303K
Turner is a really nice guy. He makes his lectures interesting by doing a lot of demos. It also helps to go to his homework help session.
Review from a student who took PHY 303K,L
I Personally think turner's lectures sucked and i learned nothing in his class, but if you do the homework and copy all homework problems and old test problems for your test cheat sheet, you could get anywhere from a 100 down to a -3. BUT, if then for the FINAL, you copy down ALL test questions from the semester, and for previous semesters, and also homework problems that weren't on tests, you WILL get an A on the final, which means you automatically get an A in the class.
Review from a student who took PHY 303K
Turner is a good man, as for his class, I can not say the same. Homework is done all online and is all multiple choice. That may sound easy, but we had hw up to 3 times a week and it wasn't easy at all. The tests were also mutliple choice as well. That may sound easy, but made it all the more difficult. That means no partial credit, and you lose more points for guessing than leaving an unmarked question. Engineering physics isn't supposed to be easy, but it isn't supposed to leave you bittersweet either.
Review from a student who took PHY 303K
Dr. Turner gives you the grade you deserve. He grades on improvement and if you make sure he knows you are trying the best you can he will help you with your grade. Also I think he is the best teacher to take physics for I have been to other lectures and his communication and subject material is far superior.
Review from a student who took PHY 303L
He doesn't show up for class. And he doesn't get tutors when he doesn't show up. He also doesn't show up for office hours. He changes homework due dates all the time and cancels test (which sounds like a good thing unless you have a previous bad score that you need to make up for.) Last semester he was consistently behind in the material in comparison to the other classes. I don't think he successfully performed an experiment the entire semester. I take that back. He managed one towards the end. That said there are few good UT physics professors. Yeazal is pretty good. Tough but at least his lectures are decent. Do yourself a favor. Take this course at ACC over the summer. I highly reccomend John Underwood. He is actually excited to be teaching and he's a good lecturer. The material isn't any easier but a good teacher makes a world of difference. So does partial credit on exams.
Review from a student who took YzMCpNcLajaPsEv
uHR9jP Thanks for the blog post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

Grades given in courses taught by Jack Turner

When teaching PHY 303L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 36% 28% 23% 5% 4% 5%

  All professors who have taught PHY 303L

When teaching PHY 303K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 33% 28% 22% 7% 4% 5%

  All professors who have taught PHY 303K

When teaching PHY 316

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 21% 33% 5% 10% 10%

  All professors who have taught PHY 316

When teaching PHY 116L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 29% 50% 11% 0% 4% 7%

  All professors who have taught PHY 116L

When teaching PHY 302K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 32% 27% 17% 4% 3% 17%

  All professors who have taught PHY 302K

When teaching PHY 102M

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 20% 55% 17% 0% 0% 8%

  All professors who have taught PHY 102M

Rating Summary:

Personality: 4.00
Grading Fairness: 3.78
Lecture Quality: 3.22
Overall: 3.67

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