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Review from a student who took GOV 310L
i had truelove fall 02 as a freshmen. government is typically pretty intimidating here at UT, but i enjoyed his class. he gives you review questions for each exam (2 exams, one final) and one of the questions will show up on the exam. it helped a lot that i went to go see the TA in SI sections because the TAs grade the exams. his pop quizzes are basically a way to see if you reviewed your notes before coming to class...they are easy. he is also very approachable, and like the other review says it is not taught in a traditional way. he incorporates ancient philosophers, etc into the class. he also cares a lot about the class as a whole and progression. he was nice enough to weigh our best exam grade as 30% and the other as 20% instead of 25% each. i think the final was 30% or 35% and the rest were the quizzes. overall, i would definitely recommend truelove as a government teacher at UT because he is very approachable and his lectures are entertaining. go to class and SI sections, write down everything that he says, go to his reviews and you should have a good shot at getting an A!
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
Truelove's section of 310L is very nontraditional. You don't cover stuff like political parties and how someone gets elected into office. Instead, you cover a lot of political philosophy, stuff like why the Constitution is set up the way it is, which I personally found more interesting. Plus he's a nice guy and tries to get to know everyone in the class. By the end, I'll bet he knew ay least 80% of the class (of about 150 students) by name. Here's the deal, he gives you three essay test questions, from which he'll use one on the exam. In addition, he'll hold reviews before each exam. GO TO THOSE. He'll tell you exactly what he expects from each question. Regurgitate what he tells you in the review, and you'll get As on the exams. He also has pop quizzes throughout the semester, but the questions most of the time don't have anything to do with the readings. All in all a great class.

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Personality: 5.00
Grading Fairness: 5.00
Lecture Quality: 4.50
Overall: 4.50

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