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Review from a student who took ME 384R
The Professor is highly energetic but the course is not well organized.This is an introductory level course and is not useful if u plan to go deep in Robotics. Better take some other good courses.
Review from a student who took Thesis advisor
As a thesis advisor, I had lots of expectation from Del. Several of them were proven to be wrong. He made me took all hard graduate courses. When my GPA dropped, he blamed me for not doing good. Meanwhile he kept giving me extraneous work that was completely unrelated to my research topic. Later he revoked electronic access to RRG where I used to work as a means to convey that if I do not do well he will never support my education. That was not all. He soon terminated support to my program of study and took my research to help trust-fund kids complete their PhD earlier. Every other graduate student had to work to support his conferences in Europe, but he brazenly usurps graduate research work and not let his own students attend conference. Non trust-funds kids take more than 5 years to complete their dissertation because they are dragged into all sort of unrelated work. For the same reason, I got bad reputation from potential employers because I could not graduate in time. Overall it was a disappointing stay at UT. After years of graduating from UT, I remained jobless and lost all hopes to pursue American Dream.
Review from a student who took as dissertation advisor
He made me take all hard classes. It took me 5 years to complete dissertation because he would never agree to my chapters. Overall my potential employers got frustated. When I communicated to Del, he put entire onus on me.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Dr. Delbert made me read tons of papers more like novels. He treated me like a robot with machine vision. He forced me to do the obnoxious computer work for hours. It destroyed my peripheral vision. The officials in university will not side with me because I am a minority student. Tesar took advantage of my situation and subjected me to every beastly torture he can. The bovine complacency of those nearest to Tesar to everything he did to me is a memory that haunts me years after graduation. In my right mind, I will never suggest Tesar as an adviser. My interest in astronomy taught me to be humble and kind, while Tesar turned out be be cruel, apathetic, opportunist, and cosmically unconscious.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Delbert is recalcitrant to not try any new idea. I would have wanted my Thesis chapters to be exciting, whilst he made me not to include anything interesting. I would have wanted to work on new ideas and new products, whilst Delbert disregarded all of 'em. It is hard to sustain enthusiasm with him in dissertation committee.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Extremely bad adviser.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Tesar wished to control everybody around like slaves. For some students, he just has no plan of success. For most of the time, Tesar took passive interest in research. Unfortunately he had a tendency to invite incompetent members in dissertation committee; Carolyn Seepersad and Richard Neptune proved more of burden rather than aid to student's success. Tesar believes in unflinching compliance to his ruthless demands; when a student does not comply to unreasonable expectations, he/she is ceased to enter Pickle Research Campus.
Review from a student who took Dissertation Advisor
There is only a modicum of applicable advising from Del - mostly robotic and mechanical. He would throw me to take extremely hard classes. It was unavoidable and I my grades got screwed. Bad professors do not wear masks, they wear suits.
Review from a student who took ME 384R
Avoid at all costs, take an extra semester if you must. Read the reviews below (or above) just don't take his classes or work for him.
Review from a student who took PvOLpluJYpaPhBEksGG
2jYDQP magnificent issues altogether, you just won a brand new reader. What might you suggest in regards to your publish that you just made a few days in the past? Any certain?
Review from a student who took 384
Del is not a nice person. He is clumsy, unhelpful, and complains about triviality. He likes to control finances of student - in turn this helps him to control their entire life. Delbert is not a good person, but more so because he is old that he can't take decisions in favor of student ever. He has no understanding of research either. He is extremely weak in mathematics, and hated those students who took classes in mathematics. Literally he made their life very difficult. He has no academic interest - he teaches classes that help no student achieve their goal.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Extremely old and bad person. Not a good thesis advisor. He forced myself to leave program of study several times. When he couldn't succeed, he terminated support to my program of study. He is blissfully unaware of challenges faced by incoming and existing students. Never take him as thesis advisor. His influence over student life is wicked. Stay away from this guy, and enjoy your life. He is life-sucker. Tes is a dubious professor who believes in making your life harder. He spends lot of money on travels to Europe, and terminates legitimate funding to program of study of several students. He hates mathematics too. If you are nerdy, he will hate you more.
Review from a student who took Theses99
Life was never easier with him as advisor. More he knows about you, colder he gets. He is unqualified to advise because his knowledge is outdated. He never supported during semesters when I had to complete dissertation because he didn't had enough resources. It was a bumpy ride all the way until end. He made it extremely hard to survive. He gave me such a bad impression that it took years to overcome.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Extremely bad advisor. He has no concern about student's life. No matter how you do it, he has a tendency to create more obstacles. He is stubborn, and has no taster for scientific research. From day one, he makes arbitrary assumptions. Del is not a team player. His teams disintegrate every year.
Review from a student who took Dissertation
With Tes, you can't publish, or write thesis. He can't motivate and garner resources to keep researchers stay in his group. Better to find energetic and enthusiastic professor in other department. You will be left without a career.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Give him your writing, and get unfounded criticism back. I agree with above reviews that his teams disintegrate quickly.
Review from a student who took Thesis advisor
Tes bites you when you need his support. Hopefully university has better professors now. It was a bad time during my days.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Sometimes he was nice, and sometimes he was completely different. I felt there were two personalities residing inside him. It was difficult to excel as his student. He has no moral standards when it comes to caring about students. Del wasn't the best advisor, and several times his advice didn't work. Not the smartest, but more importantly not the most caring person.
Review from a student who took ThesisAdvising
Advising hours were wasted in making personal comments, not in charting out a plan of study. Prof was unavailable when needed, and provided unfounded news. If you don't know something, he doesn't make it easy to learn. Prof contacted several companies for project work; however his ego was not his amigo, and mostly turned down. Much later I realized, that he was never certain about what he was gonna do. He was there to judge all the time, and didn't value creativity.
Review from a student who took Thesis
No good story to tell. Lack of support, and controlling nature were evident until graduation date. Working for him doesn't make you successful, but it does put you in a lot debt. Paying back university tuition with interest took me more than 5 years, and that was because Del made it difficult.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Never provided any working advice, and was never serious about advising. He is creative, but not a team player. Overall a tricky advisor.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Showed passive interest in success, never created an atmosphere for progress of student, and devised methods to prevent progress.
Review from a student who took Thesis Advisor
I am quite surprised by many of the other comments on this site. Dr. Tesar advised me on my Master's Thesis several years ago, and I had a very positive experience. Dr. Tesar provided guidance on a framework, and was available for regular feedback on my research and writing. Yes, he directed me to a heavy and demanding course load, but isn't that kind of the point with engineering graduate studies? We're supposed to build the skills to enable us to solve hard problems. I decided not to pursue a PhD, but we did talk about that path as a future potential and he was encouraging me to take math courses if I were to go that way-very unlike several of the other comments. Overall I was pleased with my research and thesis. It was a lot of hard work, but that was what I expected at a top-10 engineering graduate school.
Review from a student who took ME 384R
Liked robots; they 'ere cool. Dr was snob, and didn't care of students.
Review from a student who took Thesis
Not a trained adviser, provided consejos disfuncionales, and mostly tricks with sugerencias engañosas.
Review from a student who took Dissertation
Nerd-hater. Decisions were taken against students, when they don't do what they are told to. Not a good person.

Grades given in courses taught by Delbert Tesar

When teaching ME 384R

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 72% 20% 6% 0% 0% 3%

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When teaching ME 372J

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 35% 22% 30% 4% 9% 0%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 1.65
Grading Fairness: 1.88
Lecture Quality: 1.23
Overall: 1.54

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