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Review from a student who took EE 382
Excellent teaching. Must have course for circuit designers!!!!
Review from a student who took EE382M
Prof. Swanson is a technical fellow in Cirrus Logic. His course covers filter design, delta sigma modulator and time/data recovery. When I took his class for the first time, I couldn't understand his English and couldn't understand his stuff, because what he teaches used to be a course he taught in his company.So he doesn't explain about the basic ideas. But after I became his TA and attended his classes the second year, I learned much more when I got more time to dive into the stuff he taught rather than simply reading the slices. A must take course for analog IC designer.
Review from a student who took 2005
This is the best class I ever took in UT. The value of this class can be prominent when you becomes a real analog/mixed-signal designer or system engineer related to the topic. The contents he taught is still the best and you don't get much from anywhere else. I use this class material from time to time and still very useful at work! You should take this class when you want to work in analog circuit industry.
Review from a student who took EE 382M
This is the best class I have ever had in my school years. I took his class in 2004. I liked his jokes and his interaction with students. My background was not analog/mixed signal IC design when I took the class. Yes, I did not get 100% or 90% what he was trying to deliver. But, enjoyed real engineer/company stories. Not to mention about the technical stuffs. After I left the school, I heard that he passed away. I felt really sad. From time to time, I still read his slides and still I found that there are more things to learn. I miss him a lot. I think I owe him a lot. Now, I worked more than 10 years as analog and mixed signal IC designer (yes, after I took his class, I wanted to be analog and mixed signal IC designer. Thus, I changed the field of my study in my graduate years), he is the most brilliant analog/mixed signal engineer I have met. Thank you, Prof. Swanson!!

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