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Review from a student who took HIS 315L
Dr. Stoff is an excellent professor. He is the best professor I've had. His lectures are very organized and interesting. Exams are not very hard if you keep up with the reading and take good notes. I would definitely recommend taking Dr. Stoff for history.
Review from a student who took his 315l
Stoff is amazing. His lectures are quite entertaining but are very detailed. I recommend condensing your notes with a friend and going to reviews before the exams. The exams are REALLY hard and are extremely difficult for those who are not strong essay writers. I felt I earned a B because of my writing skills, not for the information I knew. Skip most the reading and just skim and take notes. The reading is entertaining but it's too time consuming.
Review from a student who took HIS 315L
Stoff is an awesome professor, it is amazing how well he knows his information. He has a funny personality that keeps the class upbeat and he is great speaker. Anyone who takes this class will learn a great deal about history and a lot of stuff you didn't know. There is one catch. This is not an easy class. His tests are 80% essay and it is one long essay, which is very similar to coming to class and writing a developed paper. There is a lot of reading in this class and you are expected to know the material!!! Skipping class and craming the night before will not cut it in this class. You really will have to work extremely hard for a good grade.
Review from a student who took HIS s315L
He is an eloquent speaker and a wonderful lecturer. He gives so much info during the lectures that it is difficult to weed out what is excess and what is necessary. But his exams make you think. Possibly the best history prof at UT.
Review from a student who took HIS 315L
This is the worst grade I've gotten in any class at UT. I think that's a good way to start this so you'll all know why I'm bitter. I still think Stoff is a great and an incredibly interesting teacher. His lectures were always entertaining. However, I wouldn't recommend taking him for HIS 315L unless you want to read more than you would in a literature course, have knit-picky TAs that don't show up to their office hours, and take a class with someone who expects way too much out of his non-honors freshman course. I did really well in all my honors and upper division courses, so it says a lot that despite the fact that I did all the reading, went to class everyday, and studied my butt off, I still didn't do as well as I expected. If you want an interesting professor, Stoff's your guy, just not if you want to make an A.
Review from a student who took HIS 304L
Stoff is awesome. His lectures are geniously organized, clear, and very dense. You have to be a fast and good note-taker for this class, but it is by all means recommended. Making A's on tests is pretty difficult, but possible. He gives essay exams where you get to choose between two essay possibilities - however, unlike many other profs, he does not release the topics in advance... My rating: 5/5
Review from a student who took 315L
Dr. Stoff is THE most captivating, interesting, invigorating professor I've ever had. History is just one of those classes that most people do not have a passion for, but thanks to State Laws, we're forced to take. Dr. Stoff is so passionate about history, that his lectures come across so easily. He clearly explains everything to you and, honestly, the class lecture flies by. You don't realize how long you've been in class. He's a very compassionate man as well--I got sick this semester and he has been very kind about making sure I stay caught up. TAKE HIS CLASS--I'm glad I did!
Review from a student who took 304L
Stoff is A relly good teacher. I would recommend him to anyone who is hard worker and is willing to put in the time to study....don't worry it is worth it! He is a very good lecturer, it is almost as if he is telling a story. This is my only class that had really good attendance. The test are 10 multiple choice questions and one essay, but you get to choose between two essay questions. As long as you study and do the readings (which is a lot) you should definatly be able to make an "A"
Review from a student who took HIS
Best Professor I have had all year..... by far. Stoff knows his stuff and I mean really knows it well. Pretty much everyone showed up to class everyday and that alone should tell you how good his lectures are. He is interesting and is very passionate about History. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is willing to work hard and study! I made an A in this class but it was not easily earned, I studied my butt off! Even if you don't make an A the class is worth it, you will ger so much out of it! If you are one of those persons who hates history than this class is for you because by the end of the semester you will love history!
Review from a student who took His 304L
I "used" to hate History, but stoff has taught me so much this semester. He is a very good lecturer and I will definatly agree with the point that he may be the best History Prof. at UT. He talks alot so make sure you are a fast note taker. On any given day I take anywhere from 5-8 pages of notes (I also write really big). There are a lot of readings from the text book and other outside books as well. The tests are 80% essay but if you read your notes thouroghly you should be fine!
Review from a student who took HIS 315L
One of the best professors I have had at UT. His strong character speaks the most about him; he is insightful, encouraging, and respectful toward the students. I will admit that history was my least favorite subject throughout high school, but I thoroughly enjoyed taking 315L (UT history 1865 - present) from Stoff. I would highly recommend taking history from Stoff.

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