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Review from a student who took BIO 214
One of those profs that sincerely beliefs that biology is about logic not plain memorizing, which makes her tests really hard and confusing. Expects word for word answers of what she went over in class. However, lectures are very boring and it's hard to stay awake. TA sessions suck because you grade depends alot on it and there are quizzes and hw in them. Palmer and Stanger-Hall are the two evils of basic bio.
Review from a student who took BIO 214
Man, believe me this lady is one of the hardest bio prof in the world!!! Never ever take bio with her!! Her tests are as hard as rocks, she often asks a lot weird questions like" where is the tail of a snake" which can drive you crazy! Her accent is okay, you will get used to it after a few lectures. And the grading is picky, too. Try not to submit your test for a regrade, since i heard from some students that they even got points taken off!! Worksheets and quizes, yeah they suck too! Well, for me it's too late to drop the class, but for you guys who are going to take 214 soon, u got other choices to take!
Review from a student who took Bio 214
And so the bad bio teacher streak continues. Very picky on tests, maybe this just applied to some students. Her notes are quite a lot and this class requires too much reading. Doesn't really let you be too creative with answers and wants you almost to be a drone to her demands. Try to find a better prof if you can, but if you do have her, be ready to work. The amount of work u put in is in direct correlation with the grade you get.
Review from a student who took Bio 214
This woman is a nutcase. She tries very hard to make her class different than any other class you've taken before, which makes it really hard to figure out what's going on. Her discussion session is a complete waste of time. She has gay worksheets that are mostly busy work. I dropped her class ASAP when I found out it was no longer required of nursing students. Stay out of her class. She drove me NUTS.
Review from a student who took Bio214
Avoid this woman as much as possible. I'd never made a C in my life until I took her class. You could write everything that you know about a topic for her essay questions, and she'll still slash points until you cry. And if you ever go to her office hours, all she'll ever tell you is "Everything you need to know is in your textbook and lecture notes". Students beware.
Review from a student who took BIO 214
Pretty much all BIO 214 classes suck, but from comparisons with other professors, she isn't that bad. Her accent can be challenging at times, but I found her lectures to be somewhat interesting and she appreciates classroom participation. Her tests are challenging, but I wouldn't say they are unfair. You don't really need your book for this class at all, the course packet will suffice. She's pretty approachable and has a good disposition. Her class may not be the easiest, but I recommend it.
Review from a student who took Bio 214
Honestly, I learned more in this class, than I have in any other Biology class in my LIFE. She's a great lecturer, despite anyone says, and she knows what she is talking about. You will learn ALOT if you take this class. That said, the multiple choice parts of her test are easy, she gets most of them from old tests - that she has posted on her website. The short answer/essay...well, thats a doozy. They're not easy. They're hard. Very Very Very Hard. You learn alot, but don't make the grades you should. If you try to go and talk to her about your grades, she'll say "Active Learning". Its quite annoying actually. Just take Zhao. Please.
Review from a student who took BIO 214
She is a very tough teacher who wants to make sure that her students truly understand the material and dont just memorize it. It took me almost the whole semester to figure out how she wanted us to study. If you like Bio and are not just trying to get the class over with, I suggest taking her class. But be prepared to bust your balls.
Review from a student who took BIO214
I hate her class. First of all, I submitted a regrade for a test, hoping to get a few points. Well, I had 4 points taken OFF! Also, she can be very confusing. Furthermore, the TA i had this semester (Rong Wong)... sucked! DO NOT TAKE HER CLASS.
Review from a student who took BIO 214
All you'll hear her say is "You need to apply your knowledge." Her tests are multiple choice and essay questions...really hard essay questions. She's a nice lady but a VERY strict professor. Whaterver u do, dont take her, even!!!
Review from a student who took Bio 214
Her class is hard. It actually reqires alot of effort to be put in. She pays alot of attention to detail on her exams so remember how to do those homeostasis diagrams. Overall she is a nice lady but she wants you to try to apply what you know in solving any questions you might have about the material. In other words if you go to her with a question she ususally won't just give you the answer.

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When teaching BIO 303

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 13% 21% 33% 18% 8% 6%

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When teaching BIO 214

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 12% 26% 31% 16% 6% 8%

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When teaching BIO 311D

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 7% 20% 33% 13% 11% 16%

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