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Review from a student who took CC 303
I LOVE this class. The material was really interesting, but Professor Shelton made it really worthwhile. She goes over anything and everything you'll ever need to know about Greek mythology (and the tests) and makes it fun and entertaining at the same time. There was a fair amount of reading, but plenty of time to do it and she goes over the stories in class as well. I found the material easier to understand after I heard the lecture. However, she talks really fast and crams a lot of information into that hour and 15 minutes. If you can't write fast enough, I would definitely suggest a recorder.
Review from a student who took CC 303
Shelton is definitely the best teacher for greek mythology. She knows her stuff and even speaks the language. There are only 3 tests and the homework is just outside reading. At first, the reading might look like it is a lot, but it most of it doesn't take more than 10 or 15 minutes. And the reading isn't that important anyway. I'd say her tests are about 90% lecture, which are almost always really interesting. You really have to take a lot of notes though. And it helps to have a friend in the class, just to make sure you got all of the information. Most of my classes don't even fill up 1/4 of a 1 subject notebook, and hers took up the ENTIRE thing. Anyway, its an extremely interesting class, and I'd highly recommend it.
Review from a student who took CC 303
Prof. Shelton knows what she's talking about!! She speaks Greek and has a house there or something. Good class for an elective. This class is all about greek mythology (some other profs also teach roman/egyption mythology). She has 3 tests that count for 30/30/40 percent, and NO final. She lectures every class period, the whole period, and shows slides. Her tests mainly come from her lectures (80%) and the rest of it comes from outside reading. There is a decent amount of reading, but it is pretty interesting. A lot of it is about sex. I highly recommend that you take this class with a friend, or study with at least one other person, b/c if u miss something she says, you're screwed. Overall, this is an awesome and really interesting class. Take it if you can.
Review from a student who took CC 303
This professor was great. Her test come straight from lecture, and its a mix between multiple choice short answer and essay. You get to pick which essay and short answer choice you want. I'd recommend taking her if you can!

Grades given in courses taught by Kim Shelton

When teaching ARY 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 27% 33% 23% 3% 7% 7%

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When teaching CC 302K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 19% 28% 28% 3% 16% 6%

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When teaching CC 348

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 53% 16% 11% 0% 11% 11%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 4.75
Grading Fairness: 4.25
Lecture Quality: 4.50
Overall: 4.50

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