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Review from a student who took m 316
schultz is one of the worst profs you could ever get at UT (if you even consider her a professor--she's only a lecturer). she lectures directly out the textbook, and does not even have sample problems that aren't word for word out of the book. she is rather rude if you try to tell her there is a mistake on something, although other people find the same mistake. i do not know why UT still employs her. find another prof to take statistics with.
Review from a student who took M 316
Evelyn Schultz is the WORST TEACHER I have ever had in my entire life, including the pothead calc teacher in high school. When you sign up for a class, you expect a professor, one that can enhance your knowledge in a particular subject. Evelyn Schultz does this in absolutely no way. I did not pay my tuition bill with my hard earned money to pay for a psychotic woman to just regurgitate the book back to me. I know how to read on my own, thank you very much. All of her examples and test questions come straight from the book or from a test bank. She doesn't even understand half of her questions! In addition, she has the most harsh personality. I've had my fair share of horrible professors before, but she by far takes the b*tch cake. She refuses to answer questions in class without some tinge of an attitude, and she can never admit that she's wrong. This is a math class, yet she can hardly even get simple algebra correct. Also, she is a rather unfair grader. No matter how low the test average is, she will refuse to curve, I guarantee you. To conclude, as you can tell, my opinion is not alone out there, so by all means, DO NOT take her, you'll be wasting your time and money.
Review from a student who took m 316
One hell of an ASS-FUCKING-PSYCHOTIC-ANOREXIC-B*TCH! save urself and don't take her class. if your 12th day of add/drop period is still there then run for ur life.
Review from a student who took M 408C
While not a mean person she is an awful professor. If you don't know something that she is reviewing she tell you to go back to pre cal. Her lectures are boring and not very informative. Luckily my TA was excellent (he had to be because she was so bad), and I had taken AP calc, without those two things there was no way i would've gotten a B.
Review from a student who took 408L
worst teacher you will ever have. if you dont belive me i dare you to take her class
Review from a student who took M302
Homework, and LOTS of it. She'll take it up, and it counts toward your grade too. Lots of busy work, and both she and the TA are pretty inaccessible. I wouldn't recommend this class...
Review from a student who took M316
I dreaded going to her class. A lot of homework that took lots of time. She picks it up too. First two tests are ok but the last is incredibly difficult. She is rude and will not ever admit she can make a mistake... and she does make lots of mistakes in class. Consider taking another professor.
Review from a student who took M 403L
Terrible, this class was absolutely terrible. You can't ask questions in class without feeling like your a five year old being scolded for asking a stupid question. She doesn't explain things well, and the TA in my case didn't help either. Homework takes way too long. Find another professor!
Review from a student who took M316 - Elementary Statistical Methods
I'm currently taking Prof. Schultz's class and can sincerely say that I regret doing so. Even though I'm taking this class pass/fail, I'm working my butt off to get credit and am not even sure if I'll pass. I've done all the homeworks and have organized study groups outside of class for test reviews and I'm still barely squeaking by (I hope) with a D. She shows no interest in the success of her students and gives excessive homework assignments every week. Her test material is confusing and she gets very impatient when students don't understand a problem the first time she explains it. She often makes rude remarks to students about how she's teaching at-risk high school students harder material and they take harder tests than we do so there's no excuse for a low average. She also makes snide remarks about issues that she obviously doesn't agree with, like common study habits of college students (cramming), smoking and low test scores (saying that maybe our wrong answers are indicative of us not knowing how to use our calculators). She claims to be fair at grading but takes off points for nit picky details like not putting an element of the problem in a certain area of the page. One of my friends let me borrow her notes and materials from Prof. Schultz's class when she took it a year ago and after comparing her tests with mine, I found that Prof. Schultz didn't take off for a lot of the errors I got wrong. My friend got an entire problem wrong because she used the wrong data but still got credit. My suspicion is that she sucked up to Schultz but I can't confirm that just yet. Overall, Professor Schultz is an unforgiving person and a poor lecturer. Please avoid her class for your own good.
Review from a student who took M 302
Honestly, the absolute WORST class I have ever taken at UT (and I'm sure will ever take here too). There are 3 tests; I got an B on the first an F on the second, and a A on the third. Each non-multiple choice question is worth 10 or 12 points and she is VERY stingy with partial credit for these problems. The material could not be more useless and the homework is all busy work. Schultz is a rude, bitter lady who reminds me of a yippy dog.
Review from a student who took M302
Review from a student who took M 316
I really couldn't stand this class. She really expects a lot from students. I devoted more time to busywork for this class than I did to studying for all my other classes, and it wasn't worth it at all. My efforts went unrewarded. Lectures were hard to follow, and tests killed me. I would get all the written problems correct, and hardly any multiple choice problems right. So unless you've already taken a statistics course, you don't want to learn from this woman.
Review from a student who took M 403L
Schultz is most possibly one of the worst professors on the face of the planet. If you have the chance avoid her like the plague. She is rude and has no regard for the feelings of others. Her lectures are hard to follow and the homework is extremely excessive. We had a ton of homework due everyday that took a few hours of hard work to complete and she collected homework almost everyday which was graded toughly. The busy work left me no time to study the material and her tests were difficult but not horrible. The final exam was an abolute killer even though i studied excessively for it. I am an A student and it took me tons of hard work to barely make a B in the class. It was awful and I dreaded hearing her voice every class period. Nobody should be subjected to her teaching/
Review from a student who took M 316
She is strict with grading and expects a lot from students. She likes hard workers and will symphatize with them but not with grades. It is way too loaded for an introductory course to Statistics. She is picky with grading and picks up homework everyday.
Review from a student who took M 408L
Avoid if possible. I have now had her for two math classes and both were awful. The first time I simply stopped coming to class out of disgust and found more luck in learning the material myself. This semester through bad luck I got her again. Generally she is not listed on the course schedule so you cannot know ahead of time, but she seems to teach the early morning sections. To do well you should simply abandon her lectures and attend another professor's section. Schultz's class grade averages are generally toward the bottom of the pile, partially because she is so bad at explaining that you leave class more confused, partially because 75% of the class stops coming. If you get stuck with her, you must simply take responsibility for your own learning and attend another prof or study the book on your own. Then you can laugh at her rude antics in class as she yells at students and gets upset when no one understands because you will not be dependent on her to learn. Often you will find you actually have negative learning in her class because you will be more confused by her poor lectures when you leave. Take the opportunity to meet your classmates through discussing how bad she is. Best of luck.
Review from a student who took M 316
horrible class. this woman is a hw/attendance nazi. she's a horrible lecturer i could barely stay awake when i was there. tests were graded sooo horribly, and she had no sympathy even if she were wrong. i failed every test and refused to do the hw, but i had to work my ass off on the final to pull out a C.
Review from a student who took m 305g
stay away. if u take this class after reading this than u deserve teh F she will give you. Holy crap this class was terrible. If you rely on reviews for tests to help you out, dont take this class becasue she doesnt believe in reviews. She will pass a sheet that tells u what u you should focus on but that does you no good because she lists everything on there. So if u are a moron take this class. I cant stress enough how terrible this class is. She will humiliate you in front of the class if you asjk hre questions. I actaully witnesssed her and a student in the class get into a argument because she was patronizing the student and this student didnt want anythign to do with that. SHe is a terrible professor, cnat teach worth crap. She speeds through a problem with her back to you so u cant stop her to ask her questions when shes doing it and when u ask her after the problem is doine she will say u should have told me while i was doing it. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE professo. Take Professor Leonid Fukshansky, that guy will give u an A.
Review from a student who took M316
This professor does not care about her students, I tried getting help from her and she turned me away and made me feel stupid, what kind of a professor downgrades her student??!?!?!?? She is very stubborn and won't understand your situation and expect you to understand it right away (if I can do that I wouldn't be taking your class dummy! ) really a waste of time and money. Worst decision ever taking her. Avoid if possible!!
Review from a student who took M316
This professor does not care about her students, I tried getting help from her and she turned me away and made me feel stupid, what kind of a professor downgrades her student??!?!?!?? She is very stubborn and won't understand your situation and expect you to understand it right away (if I can do that I wouldn't be taking your class dummy! ) really a waste of time and money. Worst decision ever taking her. Avoid if possible!!
Review from a student who took M316
I regularly read the book and completed the homework... But it was the wrong edition. The TA had someone else grade my work and I failed multiple assignments because I solved the "wrong problems" (though they were correct in my edition, which I specified on my papers!). I didn't have WIFI at the time, so I couldn't use the eBook. I tried to sort it out without going to Shultz because she is notoriously rude. Eventually I had to approach her and she shunted me with "Print off and read the syllabus". She won't give you the time of day, no matter how much effort you put into the class. Trying to ask her ANYTHING is like slamming your head against a wall. Do not sign up for her classes!
Review from a student who took M408K
This professor was the bane of my existence! She abhors questions and will take no time in making someone feel bad for ever even thinking of asking her anything. She is absolutely no help so I always made sure to ask the TA's for help. However, even they can only help so much when you barely know the material. Her lectures only cater to make you feel idiotic and even more lowly than she thinks you to be. Every time she works a problem, she so eloquently reminds the class that this is something we ought to know other words, no questions allowed. She thrives in an environment where she can pick on a poor defenseless student; I truly think it gives her a cheap thrill knowing that not any of us know the answer. She does not accept "I don't know" and expects the student to work on the board in front of the entire class. Homework comes in waves and seems to make only an iota of sense. Then you go to her class and listen to her lecture, and the small bit you thought you understood stops making sense as well. Strongly suggest to find anyone else besides her!!
Review from a student who took 408K
Run fast and far away! The only teaching you will ever get with Evelyn is the TA's. She doesn't actually teach, just does problems out of the book.
Review from a student who took M 408K
Review from a student who took M 408N
Please just don't do it. Worst professor in my entire life. She will work the most challenging problems (from the textbook) in lecture and then make many mistakes on her own problems. Lectures were completely useless and her incompetence only creates confusion during lecture times.
Review from a student who took M 408N
I know the other reviews may seem like she's terrible but in all honesty, she's not bad. She gives a ton of homework assignments but that's because doing problems is a good way to be better in the subject of math. I believe she is fair when it comes to grading free response on the exam. She encourages students to give answers and enjoys when the class is participating. When it comes to exams, be sure to look over previous quest assignments and the questions she gives the TA during discussion. The only setback is that the final for this class is all multiple choice.
Review from a student who took ZeEFgfqEVyq
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Grades given in courses taught by Evelyn Schultz

When teaching M 303D

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 12% 15% 22% 14% 15% 22%

  All professors who have taught M 303D

When teaching M 305G

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 9% 15% 16% 18% 12% 30%

  All professors who have taught M 305G

When teaching M 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 8% 15% 25% 19% 14% 19%

  All professors who have taught M 302

When teaching M 316

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 15% 26% 20% 12% 11% 16%

  All professors who have taught M 316

When teaching M 403K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 8% 18% 15% 21% 21% 18%

  All professors who have taught M 403K

When teaching M 408L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 22% 21% 22% 10% 11% 14%

  All professors who have taught M 408L

When teaching M 408C

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 14% 12% 28% 10% 14% 23%

  All professors who have taught M 408C

When teaching M 408K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 23% 17% 28% 13% 6% 13%

  All professors who have taught M 408K

Rating Summary:

Personality: 1.42
Grading Fairness: 1.77
Lecture Quality: 1.65
Overall: 1.38

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