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Review from a student who took BIO 226R
She is very disorganized in her lectures. She's rude to her students and people in general. She has a very strong accent and talks very fast, so it's hard to understand her lectures. Her handwriting is horrible so you can't really read the notes either. She doesn't believe in a curve, so she makes you read really long and boring scientific papers and summarize them for 5 points on the test. She gives you an 8 page review sheet with all the main points that you need the know for the test. They take up a REALLY long time to finish because they are very specific. So I suggest you work in groups if you do end up taking her. The only reason I took her is because I thought she was her husband when I registered(same last name...I was stupid). So be aware. It's bad enough that you have to take her lab.
Review from a student who took BIO 226R
This teacher is absolutely horrible and the epitome of EVIL. The course workload is mediocre, but her lectures are all over the place. She tells you to just look everything up in the end which makes going to her lectures pointless. Anyways, she is also downright RUDE. I've tried asking her questions numerous times and she just ignores me. I've been to her office hours and she basically told me to go away because she was busy and didn't want to be disturbed. This lady needs to be FIRED! Watching her lecture makes me want to throw something at her.
Review from a student who took 126L
She does not teach the lab, her TA's do so it all depends on how good your TA is. However, make sure you look over your exams carefully because there are only two exams and sometimes the graders make errors on grading. Saxena is the one that decides your final test grade, but if you go talk to her, she talks forever argueing her point and still refuses to give you a higher score. I would advise studying hard for the first test because it's much easier, watch for tricks in the second exam. Focus on memorizing the steps for the labs and why you do each step. And remember, the gram stain is your friend.
Review from a student who took BIO 226r
The class is pure memorization. Grades are determined by the three best test grades each worth 30% and 10% assignment grades. Lectures are disorganized and hard to follow. Also, the notes she writes on the overhead are terribly cursory and confusing. She grades leniently on the tests though because sometimes the questions can be quite specific.
Review from a student who took BIO 226R
AVOID her if possible. She talks too fast with too thick of an Indian accent, and her lectures pretty much consist of dumping a whole bunch of pictures on the overhead camera and pointing to it and saying "Now I DO expect you to know this." Pretty much meaning, you're on your own. Studying for her class is almost like doing research because she pulls from so many different sources. If you can handle it, you'll learn alot, but definetly one of my least favorite teachers of all time.
Review from a student who took bio 226R
Not a good lecturer. Not nice on tests. Not too helpfull outside of class. Be sure to only take her if you like these qualities.
Review from a student who took BIO 326M
Course is kinda frustrating because lectures don't help you with understanding the material but she occasionally will say things that are important for the tests and not in the book, so you have to go. But lectures are mostly a waste of time. The problem is that she teaches with the assumption that everyone has read the chapters and watched the animations ahead of time, but they haven't. And I wouldn't recommend reading the chapters before class because they go into more detail than you need. Just go to lecture, follow along as best as possible taking notes, then go back to the text to actually learn everything. Not too hard to make an A, but sometimes there are confusing questions on the tests that you may not understand no matter how much studying you did. She's not evil, she's pretty funny sometimes. It's not too bad. Just kinda frustrating trying to figure out where to put your time. But you don't really have an alternative.
Review from a student who took BIO 326m
Review from a student who took eNXSQGCrDoLVxrxe
6NTHPo Really informative article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

Grades given in courses taught by Pratibha Saxena

When teaching BIO 126L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 43% 44% 9% 1% 1% 3%

  All professors who have taught BIO 126L

When teaching BIO 226R

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 25% 29% 26% 12% 6% 3%

  All professors who have taught BIO 226R

When teaching MIC 226

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 25% 23% 21% 13% 14% 4%

  All professors who have taught MIC 226

When teaching MIC 129K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 56% 36% 4% 0% 0% 3%

  All professors who have taught MIC 129K

When teaching BIO 366

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 27% 24% 22% 7% 0% 20%

  All professors who have taught BIO 366