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Review from a student who took CS 341
I really liked Professor Rich. This class WILL be a high amount of work. I did really well on my homeworks and the two projects (really well), and only mediocre on my first two tests (barely above average), and still managed an A. I did significantly better on the final however. I found the tests to be difficult and hard to finish in time, but the curve on your final grade is very reasonable. The homeworks are challenging, but you will learn a lot from them. Don't try to complete them all in one night. Lectures get a little boring after an hour and it is easy to get lost in the material and then become completely uninterested. Try not to do this as much as possible...this class is challenging but I certainly learned more than I imagined.
Review from a student who took CS 343
I found Rich to be the biggest blubbering idiot professor that I have met in UT. First day of class, she says to us, "I have not taught AI for 20 years." She was very unorganized in her syllabus, and her lectures are either meaningless, or pointless in the sense that she doesn't cover the material that is needed to finish the homeworks. The grading of homeworks you can expect to always get lower than you've expected and don't plan on knowing why either. Tests, we had one midterm, and 1 final. The midterm was very poorly written and she had to end up dropping the midterm grade for everyone. Overall, her class is boring. The material she covers are all basic. And make sure you pick good groups to work together with, because homeworks/projects are done in groups.
Review from a student who took CS 341
If you want to take a watered-down course to have an easier time passing the class so that you could take some meek programming job after college for the rest of your life, you might not want to take this class. For those serious about computer sciences, I highly recommend Dr. Rich. She definitely cares for students who really try hard to pass this class. This course was very difficult, but I got my money's worth. After all, the other CS 341 classes use HER notes. Feel free to also ignore the rumors that more students pass CS 341 with other professors since the grading stats will clearly prove them wrong.

Grades given in courses taught by Elaine Rich

When teaching CS 341

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 18% 18% 32% 11% 12% 10%

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When teaching LIN 340

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 14% 17% 30% 13% 13% 12%

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When teaching CS 343

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 45% 30% 11% 5% 6% 3%

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