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Review from a student who took ME 218
Understandable. Chooses his class to be insanely early in the morning, but he manages to brighten it up a bit. He makes a lot of mistakes on the board though. You will be going over and over your notes when you are ready to interpret them after copying blindly at 7 in the morning. A high majority got A's in the Spr 05 class, but he also said this was his best class. The class is hell too, it takes about 6-8 hrs of time a week, not 2. I'm writing this essay after I'm happy that i got an A and its about 3 months after shcool ended.
Review from a student who took ME 218
Best teacher I have had at UT. Challenges you but is more than fair. Respect the class and the teacher and you should do fine.
Review from a student who took ME 218
This guy knows his stuff and is always willing to help you no matter what. The final is hard, but if you keep up with homework and labs you will have an easier time. Taking the class at 8 am was worth it. He goes through concepts you need to know and use on the homework and reviews for the exams. Labs are step by step and the TA's are very helpful.
Review from a student who took ME 218
Not that you have a choice for this class, but if you want to be prepared.... This class is very time consuming. It could easily be a 3 or 4 hour course based on the workload. There is homework and a lab every week. Sometimes they take 10 hours each! He lets you drop one of each, but you'll want to save those to late in the semester when the really long ones show up and you have like 5 other tests the same week. You'll still need the material. He gives out two tests which are very rushed. So practice doing the material fast beforehand. His final is take home, but you'll wish it wasn't by the time you finish it. It took me about 40 hours, so don't procrastinate. Don't cheat! Especially with you C code. write it youself, you will get caught if you don't. Don't think you can get away with changing a few variable names and calling it different code. He uses programs that can hunt out subtle similarities in code to catch you and does this with every lab assignment that involves C code. Not sure about Matlab, but I wouldn't risk it. Have fun!
Review from a student who took ME 218
He teaches everything you need for the tests, labs, and homeworks. His notes are helpful, no BS. Workload for this course is heavy and time consuming. Make sure to keep up with your labs and homeworks because similar materials will appear on the tests. Get started on the final exam once he passes it out because it is hard and weighs a lot in your final grade.
Review from a student who took 218
Don't cheat- he's psychic! Start the take home final the day it is assigned. This class is a breeze if you just do your homework and labs. Ask him about his robots- it's pretty cool stuff.
Review from a student who took kSMHLtgEIkZKIhX
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Grades given in courses taught by Mitchell Pryor

When teaching ME 218

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 37% 40% 13% 2% 3% 4%

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When teaching ME 205

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 86% 0% 0% 0% 14% 0%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 4.43
Grading Fairness: 4.29
Lecture Quality: 4.29
Overall: 4.43

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