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Review from a student who took GOV 310L
Dr. Prindle was an excellent lecturer who kept the class interesting and entertaining. The tests were easy, the reviews thorough, and the material engaging. Consider sharing a textbook with a friend. You only need it if you miss lecture and for reviewing for the test. I recommend him.
Review from a student who took 370L - Congress and the Presidency
I think that Professor Prindle is one of the Government Department's best teachers. His lectures are filled with infomation, but he is great. He isn't boring and keeps the lecture lively and entertaining. He doesn't keep attendance so that is a plus. The only thing about this class is his TA. His TA tends to grade hard. But overall, I highly recommend this class.
Review from a student who took Gov 310l
Really the best govt professor around. and for those who don't know, he has all his class notes at paradigm on those red sheets. these are a life-saver. he includes everything in an organized manner so if you dont go to class, or are just an awful notetaker, he is great about giving you exactly what you need. his tests come straight from it and if you cant make a test, his make-up policy is really easy to swing. plus his lectures really teach you a lot about this country and the history we all probably don't know anything about. good class.
Review from a student who took 310L
Prindle is interesting, lively, and cool. His tests are straightforward.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
I loved this class. Lectures are good and tests are not bad. Reading isn't heavy.
Review from a student who took 310L
I for one did not enjoy his class very much. It is true that Prindle does have a good personality, and he tries to make the class interesting. He was a jerk to me in private though when I talked to him one on one. He doesn't post notes online. You have to write down everything he says in lectures, which can be tiring. The material can be boring at times so it can be hard to pay attention. His tests are difficult, and his TAs grade subjectively. I hated the short answer questions. It just wasn't the right class for me. Also, Prindle is democratically biased, which may or may not bother you. He claims he is neutral, but he really isn't. He will make little jabs here and there at the Bush administration. For example, one day in class we watched this video of commercials from the Bush-Kerry election. He totally put down the Bush supporters and even referred to one of the supporters in the commercial as a "punk-ass". This was not the right class for me, and it might not be the right class for you.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
HE is ok, but I would't take a class with him if I could choose again. He is not bad, but I think I just don't like his personality. He is very fair and he gives you pretty much exactly what you need to know for the tests. There are two tests and one essay which you turn in for either the first or second test. The grading is up to your TA so be sure and show the TA your essay before you turn it in so they can go over it with you. I will probably end up witha B in the class and I hardly ever went. I bought course notes.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
This guy convinced me to pursue a major in government. He is the most entertaining professor you will find in the department. His tests are extremely simple--half multiple choice, half short answer. He even gives you a list of topics that will be covered on each exam, so completing all of the readings is not exactly necessary. Expect to laugh and participate in all of his lectures. Sleeping just doesn't seem possible when he's on stage. You will be surprised at how much you really learn.
Review from a student who took ykRdTRaaIj
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