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Review from a student who took Soc 302
Kumiko is real nice if you go to her office hours. She seems interested in the progress of her students. She is not a good lecturer tho. Her test are really tricky. The courseload was really easy, just alot of reading that can be done at the last minute. There are some pop quizes but you can usually feel when one is coming.
Review from a student who took SOC 302
She's a GREAT PROF!!! I loved her class. The class is very insightful, and the text book is interesting to read outside of class. She didn't make us write a paper and the group project was simple. She also offers extra credit. This class requires minimal work and effort.
Review from a student who took SOC 302
In my college experience, Nemoto is probably the most annoying professor I have ever had. She barely knows english. She is constantly trying to find the right word not to mention flipping through pages upon pages of notebooks causing painful pauses in class. There is no reason to go to class but you have to because of the random pop quizzes. Concerning the will walk out of there thinking you made an A and get a C or D because she focuses on stupid nitpicky details. Student beware: If you take this class, bear it out and resist the urge to punch Nemoto in the face.
Review from a student who took SOC 302
Terrible quality of lectures. In fact, her tests don't even cover the materials on her lectures, only her quizzes cover them. She comes to class unprepared and usually late. If possible, look for another SOC teacher, but if they're all this bad, guess you might be able to survive Nemoto's class.

Grades given in courses taught by Kumiko Nemoto

Rating Summary:

Personality: 3.25
Grading Fairness: 3.25
Lecture Quality: 2.25
Overall: 3.00

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