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Review from a student who took 305
Pr. Martinich is really awesome. He is humble, respectful to students, and very intelligent. I would definitly encourage any philosophically oriented Christians to take this class. I think how much you will like this class depends more on your attitude than the class itself. If you go in there with a set mind, trying to hold on to the position you already believe with out examining, you will hate the class. But if you go in there, inquiring knowledge and dedicated to the truth (whatever it may be), I do believe this class will help you to get closer to that truth. As a student aspiring to be a pastor one day, I will say that this class rather helped me with my faith. Awesome professor, interesting materials, light work load, and an easy A!!!
Review from a student who took PHL 305
Prof. Martinich provided engaging discussions about the philosophy of religion. But, be aware that the main focus of the course is on Christianity and rarely discusses other religions. I felt his essay tests were fair. Overall, the course is thought provoking and interesting.
Review from a student who took PHL 305
if you are not good at philosophy, DO NOT take this class! martinich is a pretty nice guy, and i'd say that 75% of his lecture was interesting, but the class stressed me out! the tests are essay, with only 10% of the grade as participation. he isn't very involved in the grading process, so i think your grade all depends on the TA. i had neil sinababu, and he was awesome! he was a pretty fair grader and very nice. the class brings up extremely interesting discussions... but only a few people in the class were versed enough to discuss them. if you are good at philosophy, and you are interested in religion, this would be a good class for you.
Review from a student who took phl 305
if you're an idiot (in other words a christian), you'll hate this course. otherwise, you'll be very happy.
Review from a student who took PHL 305
i felt like this class would have been better titled as "the philosophy agaisnt the christian religion" he made it very dificult to argue a point for the christian faith, without being shot down w/ some unfair reason...which if you use the same unfair reason agaisnt him he says that its invalid.. i'd say he's full of himself too, because he requires all of these books that he's either written or edited or commentaried for your class..and to me that says "i've written the best stuff on this subject, no one else is worth reading"
Review from a student who took PHL 305
If you think this course is about a lot of;re wrong. It's basically about Christianity and the philosophy of Chirstianity. Not being a Christian myself, I found myself reading the Bible and a lot of other Christian works. The class wasn't that interesting...The grading is as follows: Test 1 (20%) Test 2 (30%) Final (40%) Participation (10%). All the tests are essay-question and not incredibly hard. Purchase the notes from Paradigm and you really won't need to come class. You need to study and memorize some of the stuff...but overall it's not that hard of a course.
Review from a student who took PHL 305
This course has a very light workload. No assignments other than three tests. TA does the grading. Mine was very fair, maybe even a little too easy. If you have an interest in the topics, it will be easy to learn what you need to know for the tests. Also, the professor gives you all the information you need, and more, in the online notes. This class is wonderful. Martinich is very intelligent. The course will allow you to shape your views.
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