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Review from a student who took ECO 304K
his tests are all essay and they hurt. but he does give a 12 question review, and about half the review is the test. there's only 2 of them the whole semester. his lectures can often get kind of boring. he teaches solely based on concepts and expects you to fully understand all concepts. he's an incredibly down to earth and nice guy if you ever talk to him after class, and will help you understand anything. i didn't care much for his TA's... all in all, i think i learned a whole lot in his class solely because of the way it is structured- you have to fully understand the concepts in order to pass his tests.
Review from a student who took ECO 304K
Sometimes, it doesn't seem like he's all there...He's very softspoken, and he draws A LOT of graphs. His class mostly involves interpreting graphs. His tests are all essay, and are much harder than you would think. There are only two, and then a final which is worth 40% of your final grade. If you bomb one test, good luck, because the way his class is structured, there really is no room for mistakes.
Review from a student who took ECO 304K
Where should I start with this guy? The work load isnt much, if any. He doesnt assign any homework, so thats always a plus. However, you NEED to go to class in order to grasp any of the garbage he blabbers about. Honestly, his lectures are so hard to go to as well. He draws graphs all class, and you either understand them or you dont. However, not many people understood his graphs from what I noticed. Before his tests, his SI's would hold a review, and to save you some time, dont even bother attending these. There is nothing helpful about them, and none of the work showed up on the exam either. The SI was also hard to understand, so it isnt even worth trying to. The Test were 25 multiple choice, and they were pretty tricky too, if you dont FULLY understand the concepts, you are done for. Dont rely on a curve either, because it is only a 1 question curve, which if you do the math, is 4 points... A ton of help that 4 points does <rolls eyes>. Overall, I wouldnt say this class in insanely hard or anything, but it isnt worth even risking it if you enjoy a good GPA. There are a couple of much better professors out there for this course, so look for them. If you are stuck with Marble, good luck, I got a D.

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grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 51% 25% 1% 0% 1%

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grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 29% 29% 14% 0% 7%

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grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 13% 41% 34% 6% 1% 5%

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