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Review from a student who took ee 322c
This gentleman doesn't know how to teach. If he really want to teach at UT, he better be prepare before he come to class. If you choose to take him, skip it or bring a pillow with you.
Review from a student who took EE 322C
The lectures were disorganized, and ripped last minute from well known online c and c++ documentation sources. (ex: lecture notes on STL were a badly bastardized version of the sgi stl resources) Everything was ripe with grammatic and factual errors, and much of the example code in his notes did not compile (since of course he never bothered to test any of it himself). This is not the worst of it. The programming assignments were assigned last minute, and without adequate instructions. Malik was impossible to reach regarding any questions about the hw, since he almost never answered his email. The TA was very often as confused as us about what exactly the professor had in mind, and often gave conflicting advice. I can say with absolute honesty that I did not learn a single thing from Malik during the course. Everything I know about data structures I had to teach myself in order to successfully complete the assignments. In fact, i'd venture to say that Malik's lectures did more harm then good. He is the worst professor I've ever had.
Review from a student who took ee 322c
horrible horrible professor! i learned nothing! i didn't know c++ like everyone else in class so i was screwed! i made a C..there goes my GPA he sucks don't take him!! no one take him so he can't teach anymore..he's super me you don't want him!!

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 2.33
Grading Fairness: 2.00
Lecture Quality: 1.00
Overall: 1.00

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