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Review from a student who took CH 302
This professor is an okay one... If you study and do the homework you should be fine... Course workload isn't that bad, and the homework really helps in preparing for the exams... She's pretty boring, but there's really no reason not to take this class over others...
Review from a student who took ch301
Dr Lyon is a really good profeesor. She breaks chemistry down to the basics, however to remain in good shape you should review your notes as often as possible. We get homework like once in 10 days, and she usually gives us a whole lot of time. If you can manage homeworks by yourself you'll probably score an A in the lecture exams. My advice: take her. She was my favorite professor this semester.
Review from a student who took CH301
She is a great teacher and very nice. Her class is easy because she posts all her lecture slides on blackboard and her tests are structured exactly like UT hw. She gives pop quizzes but you get to work on them in groups, so make some friends! An A is easily attainable, plus if you get an overall average of a 95 you don't have to take the final. I highly recommend Lyon!
Review from a student who took CH 301
This class was hardcore. Make sure you remember your high school chemistry. She sets it up so that everyone does well on the first test and the last test before final. In between you will suffer will averages from 50-75. Study her pointpoints, memorize it, do the homework, and you might do well.
Review from a student who took CH 304K
I thought she was a really good professor. First of all, she gives you notes for all the things you need to know so you don't even need to buy the book. Second, she explains concepts and problems thoroughly in class giving you examples and showing you how she obtains the solutions. Although there were more exams in that class than any other, she allows you to be exempt from the final if you have a 95 or above so there are many chances to improve your grade. She tests you over items from the homework and in the notes and she doesn't put in anything you have never seen before which is fair. I think she is the best CH 304K teacher compared to the others.
Review from a student who took CHE 301
professor lyon outlines her lectures using a power point presentation. lectures are boring and very fast paced. the homeworks are very detailed and take a good deal of time to complete most often. she seems to have very little interest in the progress of her students, and doesnt seem to like being approached with questions. the are quizzes on occasion, but for the most part are announced. i did enjoy this class, but its definately not because of this prof. tests are short (20q's) and contain mostly conversion type questions. the final is double the length of the regular exams, and isn't that difficult. The TA i had seemed poor at first, but inthe end came around to being one of the best TA's i've had. if you have to take this prof its not the end of the world, its just going to be a long semester.
Review from a student who took CH 302
Whoever wrote that last review has got to be nuts or has been extremely unfortunate in professor choice thus far at UT. She had the absolute worst personality unless you went to her office hours. In class, she was extremely harsh and scary in personality and demeanor and her class is a real sleeper. There's got to be another section with someone that wants to make the topic at least a bit interesting. I really thought I would enjoy the subject matter going into the semester, but she made me think again.
Review from a student who took CH 301
Dr. Lyon is a nice professor. Her lectures are very organized (power point slides). Her exams are fair. As long as you work hard on the HOMEWORK then you'll Ace on the exams =)) She sometimes boring, but it easier to keep up with the subject if you always come to the class..
Review from a student who took CH 301
The professer gives you what you need to know in lectures and hw problems. If you do them thoroughly you can make an A. She works out problems in class and emphasize any details in lectures that will show up on the test. Although, her lectures can make you fall asleep sometimes,she organizes the class very well.
Review from a student who took CH301
She is really nice but boring ass hell. The only good part on that is that she her class is only about 40 minutes or 35. Some professors like to utilize the whole 50 minutes but she isn't like that. Her homework prepares you for the test and her lectures are always on blackboard. You can really just read the book and do ok in the class. She is also very helpful during office hrs.
Review from a student who took CH 301
She actually is a very lovely professor. If you try there is no reason to make below a B, and A is in striking distance.

Grades given in courses taught by Donna Lyon

When teaching CH 301

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 25% 32% 24% 8% 6% 6%

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When teaching CH 305

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 39% 40% 15% 2% 2% 2%

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When teaching CH 304K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 34% 35% 20% 4% 3% 4%

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When teaching CH 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 20% 34% 31% 6% 6% 3%

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