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Review from a student who took INF322T
Though she is a nice lady, I do not think that Lukenbill is a good professor at all. In fact, she is the WORST professor I have had so far in my two years at UT. I say this because though Children's Literature is a fairly easy subject to comprehend, her tests are ridiculous. She will test over the smallest details and ask the most irrelevant questions on her exams. In fact, I think she asked questions over things not even covered in her lectures, and hidden somewhere in the textbook (something you would not expect from a Children's Literature course). Her lectures are very boring, and the only way you will get an A in this class is to take notes on EVERYTHING she says. This includes remembering the plot to EVERY kiddy book she reads in class (well over 50). If you're looking for a different course than the norm, this may be it. But be prepared to study meticulous details in order to receive a high grade. While the material itself is not difficult, the tests are surprisingly very difficult. This is NOT a BLOWOFF course!
Review from a student who took INF 322T
I don't understand why this class is so time consuming. Children's Literature should be fun and interesting, but her lectures are tedious and drag on. I attended every class, took notes and read all the children's books, yet every test completely blindsides me.
Review from a student who took INF322T
Warning: this is not an easy A class, much less an upperdivision elective even worthy of considering to take. Lukenbill used to be a librarian and clearly not meant for teaching. I learned absolutely NOTHING in her class. She tests on the most minute details and although I read the books, her questions are written to be tricky (i.e. answer choices are worded similarly and could even all be answers to questions). She's also very biased in her lectures. For example, one lecture was about banned books. One book in particular was a book about teaching sex to young children. The photos in the book were actual photographs of young, naked children with there entire bodies exposed juxtaposed to naked adults. Basically it was a child porn book that rightfully was banished in America because it was considered to be child porn. Lukenbill said that wasn't right of the government to ban a "harmless" child porn book. Uhm, NO! She has twisted views and I can't believe someone with that mentality was even allowed to be around children as their librarian at one point. Take this class at your own risk. I wish I would have done more research before I signed up to wasted my time and money on this pathetic excuse for a class at UT.

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