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Review from a student who took EE 411
I had Dr. Lee for EE 411 and he might be hard, but he is one of the best professors in the department. This is the only undergraduate class that he teaches, and so I would highly recommend anyone to take this course. It's a hard class and he expects a lot out of you, but if you find old exams and study, you can easily make at least a B. Regarding office hours, he does expect you not to waste his time, so if you haven't tried to understand/study the material yourself, he will be able to tell and won't be too helpful. But if you have put in your own time, he will gladly try to help you understand the material. He is very organized, and that is very helpful in a professor.
Review from a student who took EE 411
I really enjoyed his class. He is an entertaining guy. When you first get to class, he writes everything that he is going to cover in that class period up on the three white eraser boards. Then he goes over it with everyone allowing questions and time for the material to sink in.
Review from a student who took EE 411
Awesome professor, however from what I have heard he is the hardest that teaches 411. If you want to learn the subject material well, Lee does an excellent job in his lectures and is a genuinely nice guy too. If you are not very good with circuits or math, you should probably take another professor as it is decently hard to get a good grade in his class.
Review from a student who took EE 411
Lee is a good prof, but very hard. his tests are tricky. also he is not very helpful in his office. the TA for the class is awesome though. try to take this class with another prof.
Review from a student who took EE 302
Terrific Professor. He is very good at explaining material in different ways and really knows his stuff. His tests, while challenging, do not contain ridiculous, impossible to solve, highly abstract questions like some of the other professors. His tests only contain questions similar to those on the homework and done in class.

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When teaching EE 396K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 64% 31% 4% 0% 0% 2%

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When teaching EE 411

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 22% 25% 20% 8% 8% 16%

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