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Review from a student who took BIO 211
Avoid her at all costs! Her exams are extremely detailed - they are more in depth than the textbook. You will have to memorize the textbook to get an A. Plus her lectures are boring and not helpful.
Review from a student who took bio 416L
I thought that Lagowski was OK...I've had worse professors before. I usually just went to class and then read the book the week before the test and got low B's/high C's on her tests. I felt like I knew most of the material, but she liked to test on little things that were only mentioned once in the book so that was my downfall. I thought the final was terrible, although it was on the same day as Pharm. so I hadn't been able to study as much as I needed to. She does have a policy where she will split the final into the 4 sections corresponding with each test and if you do better on any/all sections of the final than you did on the test, she will replace your test grade with the grade you made on that section of the final. I'm pretty sure I did bad on the final however, so there must have been a nice curve as I ended up with a B.
Review from a student who took Bio 416L
This woman is the devil. She doesn't make much sense in lecture (she contradicts herself all the time), then her exams are extremely detailed. I don't really feel like the tests reflect your knowledge well unless you know very intricate details about everything. The questions are ambiguously worded, and she has these "multiple multiple" answer questions where there may or may not be more than 1 answer. If you can wait, or if Gill is teaching it instead, definitely take Gill.
Review from a student who took BIO 211
Tests are insanely difficult. Lagowski is an old lady who knows her stuff but has no idea how to present it. I managed to escape with a B but I had to read each chapter twice. Lectures suck too and are no help. There is no option but to read the book and study you ASS off.
Review from a student who took bio 211
man i had a huge boner everytime i was in class. i wanted to fuck that bitch raw....
Review from a student who took BIO 211
Dr. Lagowski isn't the worse teacher that I've ever come upon. I think she means well, but she does kind of screw a lot of people just because her tests are structured weird. So if you don't know the material thoroughly, you won't get a very good grade. But she's not that bad. She may be a little boring at times while she is lecturing, but she isn't mean. If you have her, just make sure you memorize the book.
Review from a student who took bio 211
dont take her..tests are soooo hard!!!
Review from a student who took ROHBvvmCBKVD
wievRI There as certainly a lot to know about this topic. I like all of the points you ave made.

Grades given in courses taught by Jeanne Lagowski

When teaching BIO 211

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 16% 21% 28% 17% 9% 9%

  All professors who have taught BIO 211

When teaching BIO 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 19% 29% 26% 11% 6% 10%

  All professors who have taught BIO 302

When teaching BIO 416L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 18% 44% 27% 5% 1% 5%

  All professors who have taught BIO 416L

When teaching ZOO 316K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 14% 29% 29% 16% 5% 6%

  All professors who have taught ZOO 316K