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Review from a student who took PHL302
krecz is kinda eccentric in his lecturing style- he goes strictly off memory, no notes, no slides. there are four tests, one topic each (varying from abortion, capital punishment, world hunger, etc.). the workload is very light, with one chapter per unit. make sure to attend his lectures though, and take very good notes. the tests are essay questions that you get a review for ahead of time. know the answers (from lecturer and book) word for word. overall, it's an easy class and an easy A as long as you put in good study time the night before. discussions are a waste of time, but attendance is mandatory.
Review from a student who took phl 304
by far my favorite class of my college career. he does go off on his tangents, but those crazy things he says helps you remember the material he started from. good tests as well, he gives you options on the questions on the test.
Review from a student who took PHL 304
dr. krecz is a pretty good lecturer. it can be boring at times because he sometimes/often goes off on tangents, but gets your attention by saying some of the most random/funny things. the class is interesting because of the topics. He covers 4 chapters over the wholes semester and gives a test over each, no final. each exam is 25% and if you attend all of the discussion sections, you will earn the average of your test grades. if you have poor attendance in discussion, the TA has the right to knock you down a letter grade. the class is easy, you just need to study the night before. it is all dependent on how your TA grades, i had carla. she's a little picky, but actually bumped me up so that i got an A. just show effort, take good notes, read if you are confused, and go to the review sections and you should be fine.
Review from a student who took PHL 304
As a freshman at UT I am always looking for classes that will help boost my GPA and that will count towards my degree plan. This semester (Spring '03) I have had the pleasure of being in Professor Krecz's PHL 304 class (Contemporary and Moral Issues). The class load is extremely light. You have one small paperback book for the class and you only cover 4 chapters or sections in the book the whole semester. The topics discussed are very interesting (Abortion, Sexual Morality, Capital Punishment, World Hunger). Professor Krecz is extremely down to earth and he puts everything in simple terms. He is by far the easiest and nicest professor I've had here at UT. I've been recommending him to everyone! His tests are either all essay or a combination of multiple choice, true/false, and essay. If it's all essay he gives you lots of choices to choose from to write about and if it's a combination you only get one or two essay choices. I've made 95 or better on all my tests and I've taken 3 so far in his class. We only have one more left and I am sure I'll get an A on it. Take good notes in class and come to every class. It helps alot because Krecz throws alot of his own views in along with the authors points. Discussion sections are mandatory, but I really found them to be a waste. My TA, was really cool, but the class is so easy that you shouldn't be forced to go to discussion sections. By all means take Krecz for PHL 304. You won't regret it!
Review from a student who took phl 304
krecz is a nice guy and usually does a good job lecturing but dont think you can get away with just the notes from lecture. he doesnt cover all that will be on the test so the best way to prepare is to get your notes from the book. discussion sections are a waste but are mandatory and sometimes prompt great discussions. if you are a good essay writer the class'll be a breeze( GPA booster). otherwise, that easy A may be a little more difficult to earn. I made an easy A and didnt have to work very hard since the workload is LIGHT.
Review from a student who took PHL 304
I am able to get A's by studying the night before the exam. He gives reviews for the exam which pretty much have the questions on them. Just study them and you'll be good.
Review from a student who took IeDwuOxajlmsFru
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Review from a student who took etPFTrJmGcpVfRXg
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Review from a student who took qJAVBJgQsbUrlFY
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When teaching PHL 304

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 45% 40% 10% 1% 1% 2%

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When teaching PHL 325L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 37% 43% 10% 2% 3% 6%

  All professors who have taught PHL 325L

When teaching PHL 310

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 17% 49% 23% 3% 5% 3%

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When teaching PHL 365

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 50% 46% 0% 0% 0% 4%

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When teaching PHL 318

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 52% 21% 6% 2% 4% 15%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 3.82
Grading Fairness: 3.73
Lecture Quality: 3.73
Overall: 3.91

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