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Review from a student who took AST 301
Kormendy is awesome! I'm sooooo glad I took intro to astronomy with him. This class was very "non-science major" because he didn't expect much physics or math out of the students and he explained everything and answered questions clearly. He handed out the power-point slides before class and showed TONS of great pictures. His tests weren't too bad (ALL multiple-choice), homework was handed out well in advance before it was due, and there was NO final! It's easy to tell that he loves his job (he's very important to the field of AST and made a few important discoveries) and he made class interesting and fun! I definately recommend him for this class!
Review from a student who took ast 301
Kormendy is awesome...if you're going to take an intro to ast class you should DEFINITELY take him....5 exams all 50 multiple choice no final one dropped....4 homeworks relatively easy if you go to the hw help sessions and pay attention in class...this stuff is interesting and kormendy makes it fun...he gives you the notes before each class so you can go through and make your own notes..and he has a curved grade scale so 85-100 is an a...if you have the chance take this class...easy and you learn
Review from a student who took AST 301
The course works as such, There are 5 tests (he drops the lowest) worth 20 percent each for a total of 80 percent. The last 20 percent is homework which the TA has review sessions for and essentially tells you how to do every problem, so you really should get a 100 as your hw average. The tests i thought were hard but there is such an awesome curve that pretty much everyone gets an A or a B. I got a B and I really didn't do much more then pick up his powerpoint slides and read over them the night before the test. Definetly take this class if you want a lowmath science class. It is interesting and Kormendy is an expert on Black Holes.
Review from a student who took AST 301
PowerPoint lectures were posted when I took the class Spring '03. It's good to go to class in order to understand everything though. Reading is not a must, I had a previous edition of the book and did fine in the class. There is periodic homework, and it's ok to work on it with someone else. Kormendy doesn't expect a lot of math out of you which is good, but this class isn't a breeze, you still have to study. It's very interesting, and Kormendy teaches it well.
Review from a student who took AST 301
I took this course in Fall 2001, my first semester at UT, and I was really excited about taking it. I highly recommend taking AST 301 with Kormendy, and I am glad I didn't end up taking it with another professor. Kormendy didn't expect us to use physics at all, like some other teachers do, but instead just taught us the information in a very friendly "non-science major" way. He's awesome.
Review from a student who took AST 301
This class is very "non-science" major friendly. He doesn't care for too much math, instead he loves to show cool photos. He expects the class avg to be a B or else he'll round up. To make an A in the class, besides turning in your hw, do the readings a day or two before the test, and the night before the test, scan through the powerpoint notes.
Review from a student who took AST 301
I took this class expecting a non-math, non-science class. There is quite a bit of math involved, and the homeworks require alot as well. His tests were difficult, and the only way people make A's is because of the giant curve. I found him to be dull and boring, and somewhat unhelpful when it came to homework questions. I would not recommend this class nor this professor.
Review from a student who took AST 301
Professor is extremely arrogant and has an unawareness that the average student will not know what he is talking about. Extremely smart professor, but also an extremely awful teacher. Has no understanding of how to teach an Intro class. His grading scale is very generous, this could be seen as a benefit to the student (which it is), but it seems as though it benefits him more so to make it look like people aren't failing his class. If you are extremely interested in learning about astronomy this is not the class for you. He in no way facilitates learning. He speaks verbatim from the powerpoint and expects that to be sufficient for the student. I feel extremely disappointed in paying for this class and the fact that the University would take pride of having an extremely smart professor on staff instead of a students educational experience. It is no help to have an extremely smart professor if that person cannot successfully transfer that knowledge to his students.

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