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Review from a student who took CH 353
There is a review here praising Kohl, saying he is fair. It's all a dirty lie. Going to class doesn't help. Doing the homework doesn't help. Doing practice problems doesn't help. Reading the book doesn't help. He loves testing material the he teaches the week after the test. He doesn't answer questions. I definitly read EVERY chapter MULTIPLE times before each class and that got me no where. I barely scraped by and I worked so hard for the grade I got. I went to him after the first test, showed him my notes, told him I did the homework, read the chapters at least 3 times, worked the old tests, worked all the example problems in the book, nothing. I asked him where I was going wrong, how I could study more efficiently for the class, he just told me I wasn't working hard enough and said good bye to me. If you go to him for help on the homework he does nothing. I took to writing down every word he said because my notes were so bad. That didn't help. I had verbatim notes and they still don't work. He asks questions in class and gets upset when you can't answer them in "good thermodynamic terms" and then answers them himself in worse terms than the students give. He shows up late for class. He is unprepared. I have old notes and he hasn't changed his notes in at least 3 years, I'm sure never. He does the EXACT same problems with the same numbers, in the same order. He even stops in the same place. Other fun fact for the person who said he better be doing some awesome research considering how horrible he is. He doesn't do any research. Pray for a good TA, ours never had fewer than 10 people in his office hours. Kohl is a waste of a human being.
Review from a student who took ch 353
He's an ok lecturer but the test and homework questions are so far off from what he goes over in lectures.
Review from a student who took CH 302
Seriously, don't take this class. Dr. Kohl has a knack for making even easy material seem difficult because of the way he lectures. I don't know why he is still teaching. Sorry, but it's true. When that many people fail or drop the class, there is something wrong.
Review from a student who took CH 302
This professor will quickly ruin your gpa at UT if you take his class. If anyone else is teaching CH302 I assure you that they will be better than him. The only people who have a shot at a decent grade are those that had Chemistry AP in high school and did well in it. He does not teach the course, it is basically an independent study course with TAs that are no better than he is. I recommend McCord, Laude or McDevitt.
Review from a student who took CH 302
This dude is the worst professor I've ever had. He's terrible. I got an A, but damn. He talks to himself during lectures and never looks up or answers questions. He is completely uninterested in teaching. He doesn't give a crap about the progress of his students. The only good part is that it's not too hard to get an A if you just read the book because the tests aren't too hard and he curves the grades at the end based on people's grades which will be terrible at the end of the semester. If you read the book, do the optional homework, and study for the tests, you should be able to get an A. But seriously, this guy has to be the worst professor at UT. I don't understand why he hasn't gotten fired with all the crappy reviews everybody gives him.
Review from a student who took CH 353
I see a lot of bad reviews of Kohl on this website but don't be misled entirely. Kohl's lectures aren't useless as described here. They provide examples and scenarios common to the exams and homework and are highly useful once you get into the language of thermodynamics. One tip would be to read the related chapters BEFORE going to class. I can't emphasize how important it is to do that. Otherwise many of the terms, especially in 353, will be unfamiliar and hard to grasp. For 353 you also need to have a very solid grasp of CH 302 (and since he has taught both I'm sure he's very exact when teaching 302 as 353 is simply an extension). Basically read the assigned chapters (in Atkins) and anything in 302 (Witten & peck) that you don't have solid before class. This will make the homework and tests much much easier. In studying for his tests look at the practice problems he gives in class and change some of the variables to re-work the problem. Also re-read any derivations he does in class (from the book). The tests are all the same, which isn't bad after the first one but I'll try to give a quicky example right here of the layout he gave my session: 4 questions on each test; 1 is always directly from the notes, with slight changes which require general knowledge of the material to answer. The other three are process questions which require having done the homework and practice problems to understand. In conclusion, don't avoid this guy at whatever cost as has been advised by others. His grading and tests are fair. Grading is slightly suspect as he uses the old bump the highest score to 100 and that's the curve method. Can be great or horrible and avoided if you do well anyways. Oh yeah, for us A >= 85% B>= 75% c >= 65% and so on.
Review from a student who took CH 302
Either get the old tests or commence G.P.A. suicide.
Review from a student who took CH 302
ugh, kohl doesnt really lecture too well, and really should not be teaching this class. to make matters worse, his TA is horrible too, so you can't get much help unless you make use of the study groups that will inevitably form. I took AP Chem, got a 5 on the AP test, and i'm having issues with this class. if at all possible, try not to take kohl, you'll be much happier
Review from a student who took CH 302
Worst teacher I've ever had. DO NOT TAKE Kohl. His lectures do not help with the homework as well as the tests. HW doesn't even count for a grade and each test is cumulative with things learned from CH 301. His TA's don't teach that well especially the session before test. It sucks!
Review from a student who took Ch 302
He is really not a good professor. His lectures dont help me at all. I feel like im having to teach myself the class. Why am I paying for this again? My best advice for anyone taking this class is to get out while you still can.
Review from a student who took CH 302
Pardon my French, but Kohl sucks ass. DO NOT TAKE HIM. I sound a little bitter because that's I how feel towards him. The class is a waste of you're parents or your money. Read the book cover to cover, go to class, office hours... it won't help. I've studied for the class more than I should ever have to study for what is relatively easy subject matter, and a LOWER DIVISION chemistry class, it's not a weed out class or anything, half the class should not be failing. Kohl... A. Does not look up when speaking...ever B. DOES NOT PREPARE at ALL for class, there is no organization whasoever C. Does not do testable example problems, only oversimplified or hypothetical ones and then half way through stops D. Asks for questions to act like he cares but never really fully answers any of them In conclusion, this guy better do some damn good research, like something to find the cure for cancer, because that is the only reason I can think of why he is so bad. P.S. This is a credible review- I made a 4.0 last semester which is shot because of this class, and an A in chem I, and I study hard for the class... it doesn't help
Review from a student who took ch302
he is by far the worst professor i have ever had. i managed to get a B but do not take him
Review from a student who took ch 302
Normally I don't like to give any professor the lowest rating possible, but when the choice is so clear I have to. The numbers speak for themselves - the lectures are incoherent and don't have any relevance to general chemistry, and the exam and homework questions are way out of left field. I was failing the class and asked Dr. Kohl for help, and he told me I was failing the class, and should probably drop it!
Review from a student who took Ch 302
This guy is by far the worst prof. on campus. Avoid taking him at all costs for any class in chemistry. He does not care about students, and his exams are very unfair! DO NOT TAKE HIM.
Review from a student who took Ch 204
NOTICE: THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE CH 204 LAB, NOT THE LECTURE CLASS. First of all, in this chem lab you don't see Dr. Kohl at all! You just meet with his TA's. I thought this class was very easy, especially if you have taken chem lab before in high school. It really depends on who you get as your TA. Some TA's are nice, others are mean. Take you chances. A lot of people make things seem way too hard in that class!!! It's not that hard, and if you
Review from a student who took CH 353
He's not as bad as everyone's saying. He simply lacks social skills, making him a subpar lecturer and causing people to think he's impassive, but he was always willing to help me when I went to his office hours. If you don't put forth much effort and skip class, yeah you'll do poorly, but for what it's worth he tells you EXACTLY what is on his tests, so if you stay caught up you should be able to do fine.
Review from a student who took 302
Straightshooter! I've read a lot of bad reviews about him and when i went to class the first day i expected the worst. But he's really not too bad. His lectures are worthwhile..he asked like one test question from lecture usually. AND very importantly the day before the test he would spend the entire time asking if anyone had questions and sit and work them out. It was very helpful and he based your grade on the best 4/5 tests. so if u did good on u'r first 4 tests there was no need to take the last one. Also his grade curve was very leniant. Like 84+ was an A. I'd recommend and take him again if i got the chance.
Review from a student who took CH302
Dr. Kohl is a sorry excuse for a professor. I worked my ass off in his CH302 class only to make a D. Sure, a select few walked away with A's, but the majority of us were screwed b/c he refuses to curve anything, doesn't teach out of the book, doesn't use examples, and gives tests that have nothing to do with the lecture. Do not take this professor. Period.
Review from a student who took CH 302
Dr. Kohl was particularly difficult to follow in lecture. This is the first class ever that I have outright failed. Despite reading the textbook and reviewing before homework and exams, it was as if all that studying never helped. It seemed like the exams, held at 7:15 AM, had absolutely nothing to do with what was lectured or in the book. He suggests questions, but rarely looks up to acknowledge the raised hands. His handwriting is difficult to follow when working examples in class, and the projector was never properly positioned, so you missed out on key parts of the solution. This class was particularly frustrating and I would not recommend it.
Review from a student who took ch 302
Three reason for taking Dr Kohl 1. Insomnia ( oh yeah his lectures at 8 am will make you sleep like a baby) 2. Your GPA is way too high ( Yes, I know this is ch 302 but he makes this class extremely hard because you end up studying everything on your own.. my only damn "B" this semester. 3. He looks like Santa Claus ( Hey its the holiday season gotta give that much credit to him) No seriously take his class as the last resort and if you do please please work very hard from the beginning.. GOOD LUCK with that. :P

Grades given in courses taught by Denis Kohl

When teaching CH 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 11% 16% 20% 13% 20% 20%

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When teaching CH 204

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 30% 33% 18% 7% 4% 8%

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When teaching CH 353

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 16% 24% 24% 6% 12% 19%

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When teaching CH 154K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 27% 55% 18% 0% 0% 0%

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When teaching CH 354L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 32% 42% 0% 5% 11% 11%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 1.30
Grading Fairness: 2.05
Lecture Quality: 1.50
Overall: 1.65

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