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Review from a student who took Grg 301k
Kimmel's a great professor. Easy class, but you have to go to class and pay attention. Everything on the test comes from lecture and his PowerPoints. Kimmel's very nice and entertaining, and overall his class is one of the best I've taken.
Review from a student who took GRG 301K
Class was great, however the test were a little on the tough side. Test were made up of 50 multiple choice questions and are taken straight from lecture. The questions can be a little confusing and are very specific, so make sure to study in detail the lecture notes. Overall good professor and good class, worth taking.
Review from a student who took GRG 301k
He is a very through professor. All tests come directly from the notes, I sold my textbook back and I am making an A, but I go to EVERY lecture and write down everything on the powerpoint. He integrates a lot of stuff from the web, and you'll find out right off the bat that he is very excited about extreme weather. Tests are all multiple choice, easy easy stuff-- If too many people get a question wrong he'll throw it out. I'm so glad I'm taking this for a C requirement. Troy's pretty cool, and he is also the weatherman for CBS news. No homework.
Review from a student who took GRG301K
Professor Kimmel is the best professor I've ever had at the university. All of his test material comes from lectures, and his tests are very fair, and he's always willing to curve a little and throw out unfair questions. I can guarantee you that if you're willing to write down every important thing that he says...which means, about 2 pgs of notes per lecture, you'll get an A in the class...but if you don't do well on the first test, you'll at least know what to expect. After the first test, which was my lowest test grade in the class, I began to analyze his testing strategy and the types of questions he was going to ask on tests. Once you hit that jackpot, you're in! :)
Review from a student who took GRG 301K
I barely made a B in Kimmell's class and did not miss 1 lecture, went to his office hours and put in a good amount of studying. I did enjoy the class, but just took it as a class that I thought would be fun and fairly easy. It was somewhat enjoyable and Troy does have a pretty entertaining personality, but I'd say that you really need to have an interest in weather and related topics to make this class worth your while. After all my butt busting I still don't think I could tell you anything cool (that I didn't know before) about weather because most of what I had to study for tests were tiny details that I could care less about.
Review from a student who took GRG 301K
Mr. Kimmel is an excellent professor. His lectures are entertaining and interesting. His tests come directly from the power point slides, and his tests are fairly easy. I didnt use my book once in his class either. There is a map test mid way through the course that is an easy A as well. I would recommend him even if you dont have a understanding of meteorology.
Review from a student who took GRG 301K
I agree with previous reviews, Troy is a great, lively professor. He gives you his email and cell phone number and says that if you have a question, there is absolutely no excuse for not getting in touch with him. Troy adds humor and stories to his weather lectures. The tests are pretty difficult though: 100% from lecture and pretty detail oriented. I recommend this class though...
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