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Review from a student who took BIO 346
Dr. Kalthoff created the Human Biology major, and he is the only one who teaches the Human Biology class. He really cares about the major and the students in it. The major is a great idea, and the class covers some incredibly interesting topics. However, Dr. Kalthoff has the amazing ability to take the most interesting topic and make it boring. I never failed to find myself dozing off in this 8am class, as Dr. Kalthoff droned on in his annoying accent, taking twice as long to lecture word for word from his enormous packets of notes than is needed. If you are a Human Biology major you don't have a lot of choice about this class, but just be prepared to know lots of tiny details and get lots of caffeine in your system before sitting through this class.
Review from a student who took BIO 346
He's really not that bad. There is alot of material to cover, but it's an upper division course. He will answer your questions, and he's a pretty nice guy.
Review from a student who took BIO349
So boring and too hard! He wrote the textbook, so his lectures say the same thing as the book. This doesn't sound bad, but if you don't understand something from the book, you won't get any clarity from him. He covers way too much information in too much detail. His tests are hard, his curving sucks, but you do have extra credit opportunities (and you'll need them)! I don't advise trying to talk to him outside of class, I have heard stories of people getting yelled at and kicked out.
Review from a student who took BIO 349
This class was horrible! Most of that was due to the terrible lecturing style, tough exams, and a ridiculous amount of material throughout the course (almost the entire book, 25+ full-length chapters). His classes as far as I know are always at 8 am, which for this guy is just a bad idea. He is incredibly boring and has a tendency to drone on & on. The monotonous tone coupled with the annoying accent make and my early morning attitude made this class nearly unbearable. I do not recommend this class for anyone. I, unfortunately, am required to take it as a part of my degree requirements (neurobio). Having just finished with the course, I can say that I have not learned anything of any significance to neuroscience. The course went like this: TTH 8 am lecture and a semi required discussion. Semi required because although he says it is optional, he intentionally skips topics from lectures and instructs the TA to cover them in lecture. Also attendance is taken in the discussion. Two midterms (25% each), Pop quizzes (10%), and a final (40%). He does offer some extra credit in the form of "mini papers," basically short reviews of an approved topic in developmental biology from at least two primary literature sources. The tests (including the final)were 60-80% short answer and the rest composed of multiple choice type questions. THe thing that bugged me the most about the tests are that he did not adequately prepare anyone for the exams. There was always something out of left field. Your best bet is to study the old exams he has online. About 10 to 25% of the material from the exams can be found on the old exams.
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