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Review from a student who took BIO 325
I used to love Iyer, that is until I got shafted. I dont know why but I just loved the way he taught even though it can get a little boring. He teaches very straightfoward and doesn't make you memorize ridiculous details. If you go to class everyday then you're set. If you don't, like me, then you are screwed, and will end up with a 69.75, that he refuses to round up!
Review from a student who took BIO 325
I thought Dr. Iyer was great. His lectures did get a little boring at times, but he was extremely well organized. We didn't have to get caught up in little details and could focus on major concepts. Iyer also introduced topics that are especially pertinent to current research. And Phillip was just as good a TA as most TA's at UT, I found him to be pretty understanding and helpful before tests.
Review from a student who took bio 325
iyer is very softspocken and wants to be liked by his students. his tests were sometimes mc/short answers and sometimes all mc (the final was all mc). he has 5 tests including the final in which one is dropped (this means you can not take the final). this class was fairly easy, and i did not learn much so if you want to actually learn genetics take another teacher. discussion sessions with phil (the worst TA in UT history) where pointless but if you go to 10 of the 14 sessions you get 10 points added to one test (definetly worth it). iyer does stick to what his syllubus says (does not curve tests, only the final average if nessisary, and does not change a grade as in the above review).
Review from a student who took BCH 339N
Dr. Iyer is a well intended professor, however this course was a huge disappointment. I feel like the lecture material and the coding assignments were related, however he did not go over enough code during the first half of the course and the solutions to the assignments were sometimes very similar to what he shared earlier. Our final project was not very structured in how or what we were supposed to do, which gave a lot of freedom and lack of transparency on what was needed. I wish I had known he would let anyone (regardless of coding experience) into the course because it really limited the class. Overall it was an easy class with little to no challenge.

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