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Review from a student who took CH 310N
Dr. Iverson is AweSome!!! He makes organic chemistry entertaining!! You will find O-chem is not as hard as you thought if you take him. Lectures are very organized and he won't make you fall asleep in his class. Don't miss the lectures and his notes, they are very helpful for tests, and be sure to surf his website and study the old tests. You grade report will look good and you will really understand the course material if you take his class. Try register his class at any cost!! However, I heard that he only teaches every other year - one year teaching and then one year research.
Review from a student who took CH 610B
What i liked about his class was the way he tried to make things entertaining in order to keep people from falling asleep. He also tried to make things as simple as possible. What I didn't like was how he would harp on certain things throughout the semester without any reason. Sometimes in his attempts to be enteraining, his conventions became really annoying. All in all, I found him to be concerned with the well-being of his students and a satisfactory lecturer. His exams were fair and followed the lectures (there were no surprises). I would highly reccommend him if you're able to tolerate the annoying conventions he uses in his teaching.
Review from a student who took CH 610A
Dr. Iverson is the GOD of Organic Chemistry. If you can, do try to take him. This is a no brainer. He is very humorous. He teaches you organic chemistry by assigning characters to the molecules and atoms. If you want to pass ch 610a, do take him.
Review from a student who took CH310N
What I liked about this class was that Dr. Iverson is an awesome person. He's always teaching you about life skills and just wanting you to be a better person, more than just being a good student and I think that's important. But yea, his class isn't that hard so if u do everything that he sets out for u then you should be fine. Gluck!
Review from a student who took CH 610A
This guy is a true role model... GET THIS PROFESSOR AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!! Tests are challenging but not nearly as bad as the other O-chem professors. He'll find ways to keep you awake in class too.
Review from a student who took CH 610B
Definitely take Iverson for organics if you can. His lectures are very organized and easy to understand and his tests are very reasonable (if you study his notes you'll at least get a B). A lot of people said that Iverson is only good for gpa, but it's so not true! You'll actually learn and UNDERSTAND the material from his class.
Review from a student who took CH 610A
It's been said many times, but Iverson actually makes learning Organic Chemisty tolerable. His lectures are entertaining and his tests are very fair, covering topics that he told us were important. Also, Iverson's website is fantastic and serves as a great study tool. His grade reports are reason enough to take him, but I think that at the end of the course, you will come out with a very solid understanding of the subject.
Review from a student who took CH610B
Too freakin' awesome for words. This guy does the impossible...he makes organic chemistry cool and (dare I say it?) FUN. Lectures are very clear and easy to follow, he genuinely cares about his students, and his exams aren't too bad...they're not ridiculously easy or anything, but I don't think there's any way anyone could make an easy organic chemistry exam. Fight your way through registration to get Iverson for Organic Chem. :)
Review from a student who took CH 310N
best professor I've taken at UT. Tests are fair, content is detailed and hard, but he teaches it very well. Though, be sure and GO TO CLASS EVERYDAY. you might as well take another prof., if you're just planning to read the book. If you really want that A, also go to his office hours - barely anyone goes, and he dumbs it down for us "slower learners". Oh and ask questions in class too - he'll give you candy for that.
Review from a student who took CH 310 N
Dr. Iverson is an AMAZING professor. I was lost my first semester of Organic Chemistry but when I took the second one with Dr. Iverson everything was so clear. Not to mention he's entertaining and makes you want to go to class. He's a great guy and a fantastic teacher!
Review from a student who took CH 310M
I really enjoyed taking Dr. Iverson's organic chemistry course. His lectures were organized, he did not put emphasis on memorization (which is how things should be), and he seemed to care about us as students. I recommend going to his office hours as you will get more exposure to the material. The tests are very fair in my opinion and not that difficult if you do the optional homework. The optional homework is also extra credit so why wouldn't you do it? The only complaint I had is that whenever I'd ask a more complicated question, he'd brush it off and say that I wouldn't need to know it. The class was more geared toward pre-med students and not chemistry majors like myself so if you're interested in learnig deeper knowledge, I suggest taking the class with Dr. Krische. If you're pre-med or want to take a less rigorous version of the course, this is the one you want to take.
Review from a student who took mYuPtfgoyZTbPG
C6B7Hy I wanted to thank you for this good read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I have you book-marked to look at new things you post

Grades given in courses taught by Brent Iverson

When teaching CH 610B

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 26% 34% 30% 7% 1% 1%

  All professors who have taught CH 610B

When teaching CH 610A

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 20% 42% 25% 8% 2% 2%

  All professors who have taught CH 610A

When teaching CH 618A

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 19% 47% 23% 6% 2% 2%

  All professors who have taught CH 618A

When teaching CH 118K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 28% 36% 13% 9% 11% 4%

  All professors who have taught CH 118K

When teaching CH 310M

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 30% 41% 20% 5% 2% 2%

  All professors who have taught CH 310M

When teaching CH 318M

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 31% 43% 13% 8% 1% 2%

  All professors who have taught CH 318M

When teaching CH 310N

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 34% 31% 18% 9% 4% 5%

  All professors who have taught CH 310N

Rating Summary:

Personality: 4.50
Grading Fairness: 4.58
Lecture Quality: 4.67
Overall: 4.58

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