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Review from a student who took m408l
this guy sux so bad. i swear this university has problems with hiring teachers with decent teaching abilities. his english is really bad and combined with all the mistakes he makes in class it's amazing i survived with a B in the class. u better hope u have a good TA to back u up otherwise don't take this teacher. when u ask questions to him he simply ignores u and tells u u should already know the material. no help at all. i hated the class. other people's classes were so much better
Review from a student who took M362K
He's alright and seems to know his stuff, but has some difficulty with conveying his points. He pretty much teaches directly from the book and just explains the book examples during the lectures. Office hours aren't a ton of help, since he spends the whole time trying to figure out your question for himself. We don't have a TA either, which makes it even more difficult. Nice guy, although, perhaps not the best professor.
Review from a student who took M 304L
his english sometimes is not clear. the lecture hall he held class in was also long and narrow so if you couldn't catch a seat near the front--and unless you have 20/20 vision, it's hard as heck to see what he's scratching on the chalkboard. he can make some funnies, but he's not all that exciting either. I felt that he was fair and tried his best--and calculus itself is pretty tought--so I can't really blaim him that a lot of kids do bad in the class.
Review from a student who took M 408L
Its already been said that his english is bad, but its not that bad. As for him making mistakes, the only mistakes i saw were simple math because he was trying to go to fast becaue people would ask the stupidest questions for him to go over. Calculus is really boring and he doesnt make it any more interesting. I dont know about the other teachers but there's no way they could make this class easy and interesting, you just have to work yourself. The best situation is to come into the class with a prior knowledge of the material and then not go to class.

Grades given in courses taught by Zair Ibragimov

Rating Summary:

Personality: 2.50
Grading Fairness: 3.00
Lecture Quality: 2.00
Overall: 2.50

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