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Review from a student who took ME 326
Strength: Dr. Hall is a really good professor. He?s one of those teachers that make hard subject easy. I certainly understood and learned everything he taught me. He?s very helpful after hours. You can go to his office anytime, if he?s there and not too busy, he will help you out. He is very knowledge on the subject. The Thermo-News that he does every class helps you realize your classroom knowledge?s real world applications. Drawback: For Spring ?04, we got to be the guinea pigs. We got the priviledge to alpha test the book Dr. Schmit, Howll and Ezekoye wrote. The text was full of mistakes. The exercise problems are either really badly written or the solutions are wrong. So sometimes when you did the homework right, you look at the solutions and wonder what went wrong. You then proceed to stare at it for hours thinking you did something wrong, when the solution is wrong. Professors in this school really take advantage of the students to make some extra buck$. That is kind of sickening, considering how much I pay for school already.
Review from a student who took ME 326
Grading: 3 Tests (50%) Homework (18%) Final (32%) Work Load: Average, homework due weekly. Tests are generally very easy.
Review from a student who took ME 326
Alright, so I have a different opinion. I'm usually an A student and am struggling SO hard to just PASS this class. He's a nice guy, but for the last test (the 3rd one) I studied a total of 25 hours (!!) and still ended up getting a 60, where the average was a 58. I just don't seem to understand this course, and the examples he does on the board are VERY comprehensible and easy, but NOTHING like the test questions. On the test, he expects you to use logic for new situations and problems you've never seen before. I just think that's unfair since he didn't teach us how to approach these problems. So, yes, right now I'm still failing the test. Crossing my fingers to do REALLy well on the final.
Review from a student who took ME 343
I chose Dr. Hall for my thermofluids (ME 343) class because I really liked his thermodynamics (ME 326) class. He?s equally as good in ME 343 as in ME 326, maybe that?s because 60-70% of ME 343 is just a review of ME 326. I really like the thermo news that he does for the first 10-20 minutes of class, because it shed an interesting light on the topics that we have covered in class. Also, it gives a little leeway on showing up to class, since I?m always tardy. For ME 343, he has two tests and a project. I think the tests are very easy. I didn?t have trouble on them, despite my lack of studying. Our project was to create a simulation of gas turbine generator with an evaporative cooler. I wouldn?t take the project very lightly, even though it might seem very easy at first. The small details really kill you. I think I got 95% of the code done in about 2 hours, the other 5% took maybe 60 hours or more. Overall, Dr. Hall is very good at explaining the concepts and giving plenty of examples for you to understand the topics. I would rank Dr. Hall as one of the best lecturers in ME. Not only that, he?s also very helpful at his open office hours. You can show up anytime, and he?ll drop what he?s doing and help you.
Review from a student who took ME 326
Awesome professor, "fun" lectures... you' ll hear that tests are tricky... Don't go into his tests trusting your good cheat sheet, you better UNDERSTAND the stuff to do well...
Review from a student who took ME 326
Awesome professor and interesting lecture. If you understand the concepts and know how to apply the formulas, you will do well on the exams. There is not too much homework, and you can usually figure it out from examples from previous ones or the book. Very fair and lenient grading.

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When teaching ME 242L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 27% 41% 26% 2% 2% 2%

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When teaching ME 381Q

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 74% 26% 0% 0% 0% 0%

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When teaching ME 326

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 20% 28% 26% 9% 8% 8%

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When teaching ME 343

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 26% 27% 29% 8% 6% 4%

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When teaching ME 397

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 60% 40% 0% 0% 0% 0%

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