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Review from a student who took SOC 308
Prof. Haghshenas is an excellent and interesting teacher. He's obviously very interested in the subject matter. At times, though, the way he states things can be a little confusing. If your section has a good TA (mine did), this shouldn't be a problem. DO THE READING. This is the key to success in 308 with Medhi. Otherwise, no matter how often you go to class, you'll never really know what's going on, because class is mostly for discussion, not an overview of what you were supposed to have read. Fun, worthwhile class, but its not a sure A. Take it if you're willing to commit a little time to the course.
Review from a student who took SOC 302
Professor Haghshenas is my favorite professor! He is so enthusiastic, really loves what he is teaching, and makes the class very interesting. The SI sessions help out A LOT when it comes to preparing for quizzes and tests, and if you really study before the exams, you should have no problem. He is a geat professor and i highly recommend him!
Review from a student who took SOC 302
A very good professor. I didn't make an A, but a friend of mine was very close, and a good number of people did make an A. Do the reading, attend all classes, and be sure to study right before the multiple choice tests. Read the book, most of the questions are directly from the book.
Review from a student who took SOC 302
He might seem a little on the eccentric side at first, but he's really an awesome professor. He's incredibly friendly, enthusiastic, and funny (although not necessarily on purpose). I definitely recommend him.
Review from a student who took 302 (honors)
Professor Haghshenas has to be one of the most compassionate professors I've seen and one of the few that really wanted you to take something with you when you completed the course. I got a B in the course but dont regret getting that grade because it was a worthwhile class. He gives three exams and they focus on chapter reading out of the textbook and packet readings. As long as you actually read and review well over your material before the tests, you'll do fine. If there is one thing I wish I would have done was actually read more for his class because if not, you'll be lost in discussion. This is a great guy and I highly recommend taking him. You'll learn so much.

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When teaching SOC 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 17% 52% 22% 4% 2% 3%

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When teaching MES 310

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 31% 42% 19% 1% 1% 5%

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When teaching SOC 308

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 30% 52% 13% 1% 3% 2%

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