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Review from a student who took EC) 304K
I thought this class was extremely easy. I never went to class and just read the chapters assigned. Do his online quizzes because they help with the tests and when I took him they counted for extra credit. He has three tests worth 100 points each, one paper worth 100 points, and an optional final that will replace ure lowest test grade. The paper is 5 pages, and I got an A on it even though I wrote it the morning before class. Overall a really easy course
Review from a student who took ECO 304K
Stuart Greenfield's lectures are EXTREMELY pointless. I've never had a professor that rambles so much and hardly ever says anything relevant to what we're studying. Halfway through the semester, the seats are empty in the classroom because everyone realizes that their time is better spent just reading the chapter assigned for that day.(The microeconomics book he uses, by the way, is very good and prepares you for his tests.)The tests aren't difficult; just read the chapters and take his online optional "quizzes." Overall, it's an easy A, except for the paper assigned, which he grades pretty tough even though he provides NO GUIDANCE and doesn't tell you what he wants beforehand.

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