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Review from a student who took Bio 213
Gonzlez' class is both good and bad: Good: -------- Easy. Pay attention in class, go to discussion, study a little - easy A (in fact, she even curves, in my class the final curve for an A was an 86). Also she puts up her notes and outlines for the notes online. Bad: ------ Incredibly boring. Hard to understand. Also, because she puts up her notes online, you don't feel like going to class. Her outlines are supposed to be for you write notes in but she often doesn't follow the outline. She goes way too fast and generally, you will be forced to look up the lecture online anyway because you will miss stuff. The discussion sessions don't review the week's material. Instead you read articles (some interesting, some not)and get quizzed over them. Summary: If you can motivate yourself to learn and study, you should take Gonzalez' class because the A is given to about 25% of the class and a B to about 50%. It's really hard to fail in that class or even get a C. But remember, that she will not be interesting and often times, her class will conjur up thoughts of suicide because of her excruciatingly boring voice.
Review from a student who took BIO 213
Ehhhh, if you can get a better professor, I would go for it. This class consists of Dr. Gonzalez reading her powerpoints, and you copying them down or printing them. She always threatened to take them off the net if attendance lagged... Every now and then she'll throw in some fact that's not on the powerpoint and ask a quesion about it on the test, so don't skip too often. She doesn't take lecture attendance though, and her class is less than riveting. There were several MC tests, and there are some weird quizzes at every discussion on lecture material and outside reading (i.e. science article or journal publication). So, discussions are mandatory. I didn't read the book ever, and I did okay. I felt that this course was moderately difficult, and the workload was not too bad. Dr. Gonzalez isn't that great of a professor.
Review from a student who took FJyRlIyZyO
AmE7mL Utterly written content, Really enjoyed looking at.

Grades given in courses taught by Laura Gonzalez

Rating Summary:

Personality: 2.33
Grading Fairness: 3.67
Lecture Quality: 2.67
Overall: 2.67

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