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Review from a student who took EE 371D
abstract lectures & exams combined with implementation-oriented homeworks and projects.
Review from a student who took ee 351k
The review for 351k was pretty good for the most part, as I am one of Ghosh's victim in that class and I absolutely hated him. He's the kind of person who pretends to be nice but doesn't really give a shit to his students. He's stubburn, cruel, and uncaring. I quote his famous line here. "Even my 6th grade daughter can do this, and your guys still couldn't handle it." His lecture is terrible because he doesn't comprehend why people can't follow his way of thinking; he does a lot of calculations in his head and writes pieces of it on the can imagine how confusing that was. Ghosh is also lazy as hell; he copied DeVanciana's hws for his own hws. This is definitely the worst prof I ever took. I would say even Wagner wasn't as bad as Ghosh. Ghosh may be a smart ass, but he doesn't know how to teach and he doesn't care anyway.
Review from a student who took EE 351K
I took only probability class (EE 351K)with him in Fall 2005 and I swear to God I'll avoid him at all cost from now on. He's the worst prof. that I've ever had at UT and maybe the worst prof. ever in my life. Even if, in the future, the university gives me a deal of waiving my entire tuition fee bill if I take any class with him again, I'll reject that offer right away without a second thought. This is the first time he is teaching the probability class and on the first day of the semester, he said he normally assigned only 3 or 4 homework assignments to his graduate classes throughout the entire semester. By the way, he mostly teaches graduate classes. On the same day, he even mentioned that his bell curve for his graduate classes were normally like an alphabet "M" without spike edges. I guess you can visualize the kind of shape I'm talking about. By him saying that, I felt he predetermined how bell curve for this probability class should be since the beginning of the semester. And he should not say that kind of things on the first day of the semester because probability class was not a graduate level class first of all and he did not have any idea how the curve should look like for this class because he never had exposure to the personalities, skills or qualities of the students in the probability class. His lecture was horrible, so unorganized and very hard to take notes. One thing about his lecture was he never finished working even an example. He started off with one example and did part of it and jumped around and either worked on another example or talked about or worked on some non-class related examples. When you have questions for him in class, he normally bluffs the answer to your question and he changes the subject during his answer to your questions. Now, as he had to come up with one homework assignment of 7 or 8 problems for every week, I thought he himself had a hard time coming up with problems because he had to make only 3 or 4 homework assignments per semester for graduate class. Sometimes we had to do at least 6 out of 7 or 8-problem HW assignment and sometimes we had to do less than that because the problems on the HW were on the topics he had not covered in his lectures yet at the time of assignment. Sometimes, he assigned extra problems for practice but those extra problems were not graded. The phrases he used in his problems were so confusing that they could take you to the totally different directions. Even if he had a choice of assigning a problem using a theory with simple equations or harder ones, he had preference for the latter. i.e., assigning the problem, which requires a theory to be used to solve the problems but he prefers you to solve the problems with messy equations rather than simple equations. My point is he focused on who can solve messier equations better rather than focusing on encouraging students when and how and why a theory should be applied. Most of the time his problems were so complicated that even we worked with other students as a group, it took us ridiculously so long and we still did not have any idea why we needed to use a particular theory. Many times, we did not even know which theory should be use because his problems were so complicated and the wording in the problems made it worse. One thing about HW! The earlier HW counts a lot more than the one towards the end of the semester. The last 2 or 3 HW assignments were not even worth doing because they counted only 1 % towards your final grade and you had to work about from 6 problems to 7 or 8 problems, each of which required your rigorous thinking. Exams! During first and second midterms, I would say more than 70 to 80 percent of students stayed in the class until the time's up. Final was 2-hr exam and lots of time pressure. His grading was stingy and stinky as well. He graded by himself. Basically, this class is a math class so to speak but he wanted you to follow his way. If you do your own way and even if you get the right answer, he barely gave you credit. You will get only 20 % or less out of the total credit designated for the entire problem. Don't even think about going and talking to him after the exam for a possible better credit. No way! Right after the first midterm, he sent an email to all students saying that if you go talk to him for a better grade even if you have a compelling reason, he will regrade your entire test and he mentioned in his email that I quote "there is a very good chance of getting a lower grade..." That scared the hell out of a lot of students. Some student they got somewhere around the class average and they did not even dare to talk to him even though they got the right answer because they were afraid of getting a lower grade. The first test average was 41 on 100 scale and second test average was even lower. The final average was 33.75 on 100 scale even though he gave the top 3 student an exemption from final. He even rescheduled the final exam not only by making it 2-hr test but also by fixing the time to start. We started 10 instead of 9 and the time that university set was 9 to 12 noon. One thing, he skipped his lectures a lot. One time he skipped about 3 lectures before the 2nd midterm and he skipped some right before the final because he went out of country a lot. You might want to think of that taking a probability class with such a teacher. He did not really care if he taught or a substitute teacher taught when he was out. When it comes to the test, he made your life miserable and no matte how low the class average was, it did not bother him a bit at all. Here's the cutoffs for the Fall 05 semester: A > 67.5, B > 56.75, C > 39.5, D > 31. The last but not least, take with Wagner rather than this stinky prof. Ghosh(Joydeep is his first name.) because a friend of mine ended up making a "C" with Wagner in probability class even he was way below the class average and getting a single digit score during his midterms. I hope you get a rough idea of how Ghosh looks like. And don't take probability with any professors, who start teaching the class for the first time because the nature of the class is very difficult and if the prof is horrible that's gonna make your life a living hell.
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Rating Summary:

Personality: 2.25
Grading Fairness: 1.75
Lecture Quality: 1.50
Overall: 1.75

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