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I definitely liked her hip hop the best! That is one of my faritove Tabitha and Napolean routines. I'm also glad to see Dominic back. I rarely post comments but as a long time fan (watched every season!) I feel I should post my opinion as others have. I like having All-Stars, hate having Mia judge(would rather listen to Lil C each week), and am surprised to say that Shankman seems to have the most constructive and useful comments for the dancers. Cat seems super-silly and unprofessional this season. I wish she would keep some of her off the cuff comments to herself. I also don't think it is fair they kept Billy Bell tonight. I mean how many times are they going to bend the rules for him? He got sick gets a free ticket to Vegas the following year. Didn't impress in Vegas and they make him #11. He chooses not to dance (which is understandable) and they give him another chance to dance next week. I just don't think it is fair. If Ashley's doctor cleared her to dance during her ordeal, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to keep her off that stage! Yes, Billy is a wonderful dancer, but he is not America's faritove and I'm not sure if he cares that much. Hate to say it but I also DVR so I can ff through Cat and Mia and most of the time Nigel! What happened to rotating judges? Shankman could have taken Mary's permanent spot and they could have rotated the third judge each week like the good old days.

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Overall: 1.00

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