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Review from a student who took EE 362K
His EE 362K has the lightest work load I have in all my EE courses. He DON'T use textbook, so don't even bother to buy the required text, just simply use your EE 313 text as reference is enough. There are not many materials covered in class and he often allow students to leave early or even skip the entire lecture. You don't have to spend a lot of time to study for exmas, simply review your homework, they are very similar to the exam problems. Two things I'd like to complain about is: First, he don't post his solutions online, so you have to copy them from a bullentin board on the 3rd floor, which is very inconvenient. Second, he don't allow students to use cheatsheets, though the class average are very high, around 80~90%. Finally, don't expect curving on grade since students have high averages, and he is strict on borderline scores.
Review from a student who took EE 362K
Flake curves down. He put material on the final exam that he never discussed in lecture. There is no textbook for the course either. So, um, how am I suppose to know how to do this stuff? His lectures are pretty good, but still, not have a textbook is a bigtime negative. Don't let him fool you. He grades easily/fairly on the two midsemester exams. Class averages were pretty high, but when it comes to assigning final grades, he curves down bigtime. And don't think you can go talk to him to try and bump you up. Oh, and he doesn't respond to emails.
Review from a student who took EE 362K
Flake's class was straightforward. Very light HW. Lecture was short, but adequate for what he taught (not a whole lot). He is very lacking in the personality department. The key is the tests, and you have to know what he's gone over. If you don't, the curve will kill you. It is not hard to not prepare enough and end up with a C. The tests were not hard, and as such the grades were excellent. If you end up on the wrong side of that distribution once or twice, your grade will be bad. Also, he tried to make the tests difficult for students with TI-89s by adding more symbolic constants. In turn, he only made it worse for everyone else. The final had one question he never explained how to approach - that sucked. In all, a doable class... just make sure you're prepared.
Review from a student who took EE 362K
I don't recommend this professor... although most 362K profs are on par with him. He assigns hw everyday, and that's usually good for learning the material. However, here's the problem. Sometimes he doesn't work out relevant examples for the hw he assigns, so you're just left knowing nothing about how to do a particular problem. He also posts the answers to the hw very late outside of his office, making it a chore to go there, only to notice that these are literally the answers only, no solutions are worked out whatsoever. Its frustrating because the homework problems are very similar to the exam problems you'll be facing later.

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When teaching EE 362K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 45% 26% 19% 5% 2% 3%

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When teaching EE 370K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 40% 37% 13% 8% 0% 3%

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When teaching EE 380N

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 61% 25% 11% 1% 0% 1%

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When teaching EE 325

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 8% 19% 42% 9% 4% 19%

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When teaching EE 370

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 31% 25% 38% 6% 0% 0%

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