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Review from a student who took KIN 324K
Don't take Professor Farrar (pronounced Fair-ra)!!! That might be hard because he's the only one teaching that course. See the thing is... he's been teaching for so long he doen't really care about teaching a stupid class. The lectures are not good at all! He's never prepared for them. He'll just show up to class with a powerpoint slide show and go through them as if he didn't even bother preparing the material to teach. The good thing is that if you do get the old tests they help out a lot! Another thing is that there is a horrible lab section you take with it. You end up memorizing about 50 muscles and get tested on them without ever really LEARNING them. *** Grading Fairness was the WORST!!!***
Review from a student who took KIN 324k
Alot of material is covered in this class. However, if yu can get the old tests, then you will be fine...80% of the questions are exactly the same. The only problem i had in the class was in the lab. Theres alot of memorization to do so if you are good at that then the lab should be no problem. If you memorize all the old tests you can find and do ok (50-60%) in the lab then you should be able to pull off a B in the class.

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grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 19% 32% 29% 9% 6% 6%

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When teaching KIN 395

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 30% 38% 15% 2% 3% 11%

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