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Review from a student who took HIS 315K
Dr. Falk was one of the best professor's i've ever had. he makes class interesting and fun. as long as you keep up with the reading and go to class, you should cruise to a B. he likes those who particpates and remembers. his only drawback is that if he know's you're really smart, he'll grade you harder. my class had three of us whom he acknowledged being exceptional, but our papers were always the most thoroughly read and critiqued
Review from a student who took His 315k
I really liked this class. Dr. Falk is interesting and kept me wide awake at 9am. You have to really work, attend lectures and go talk to him in office hours to get an A, but the class is not difficult because the information is presented in a very clear and outlined way. He is always willing to help, just make sure you are going to class and he really likes people to speak up in discussions.
Review from a student who took HIS 315L
This class is well organized, interesting, and fun. Professor Falk is a wonderful lecturer/story teller, and he teaches the information in a way that really sticks with you. Definately have the TA's look over your essay outlines before the test.
Review from a student who took HIS 315L
Prof. Falk keeps you entertained with his jokes and sarcasm. He presents the information in a well-organized manner and doesn't leave any details missing, and yet still knows how to have fun with the class.
Review from a student who took HIS 315L
This course was valuable and interesting at the same time. Only Professor Falk can make history lectures interesting. With his use of pictures, videos, and presentations the outlined notes become easier to remember. His midterm and final are essay make sure you can write well.
Review from a student who took HIS 315K, HIS 315L
I love this class! Dr. Falk is ALWAYS interesting... I was in his class for both HIS 315K and HIS 315L and only wish I could take more of his classes. Attend lectures and you will do fine! He has two midterms in essay format, two brief in class assignments, and one essay (315K the essay was a homework assignment, and in 315L it was an in-class essay.) And as wonderful as his class is, the TA's grade rather difficultly. I attended every class and studied quite a bit and made a B last semester, and may make a B again this semester. Yet, the lectures are WELL worth it! HIGHLY recommended!

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When teaching HIS 315L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 20% 56% 17% 3% 1% 2%

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When teaching HIS 315K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 19% 55% 16% 0% 5% 5%

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