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Review from a student who took GOV 312L
This professor is a really good one... I took Gov312L with her and she was really helpful during her office hours... Her lectures aren't bad and if you work hard (about 2 hrs per weekday) you should get an A... She's really nice and does look at the progress of her students, and extends a helping hand to those who are doing poorly... But, be ready to READ a crapload... I think all government courses are like this...
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
Dr. Evans Case, of YCT Honor Roll fame, is an excellent lecturer who makes her class (in my case, a study of Supreme Court cases relevant to U.S. race relations) very interesting and engaging. I took her class over the summer, and was surprised that I looked forward to getting up for that 10 am course everyday. She, as well as her TAs, is very open and interested in the progress of her students. Grading consisted of a combination of papers and tests. The tests weren't bad; neither were the paper assignments, except that I had to wrestle with my TA a little bit to get my grade straightened out. There were two TAs who graded the papers, too, so the grading may have been a bit overly subjective. Ah well, what can you do. Anyway, I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested and doesn't mind wading through a large number of Supreme Court decisions.
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
This prof. is very interesting, in and out of the class. She is helpful and cares about the progress of students. I would definately take her again. Class is not difficult if you just pay attention for the most part.

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When teaching GOV 312L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 13% 42% 37% 1% 4% 4%

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When teaching GOV 357M

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 50% 29% 2% 2% 6% 10%

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