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Review from a student who took Gov 310L
This is the easiest class I've ever taken at UT. After the first week, I only went there on test days. Buy the lecture notes, because all the test questions are on there. He also gave the most generous curve I've ever had in a class. 3 tests all multiple choice, no final. Good class to take when the rest of your schedule is pretty heavy.
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
This class is soooo boring. The professor speaks in monotone, making it quite difficult to stay awake in class. He's probably one of the worst lecturers ever! You basically buy a course packet containing his notes and just study straight from it. Don't bother taking notes b/c his lectures are disorganized and he often goes off topic. The tests are all multiple choice but the questions are very detailed, so you do have to study the notes packet. If you're the kind of person who hates skipping class (if there is anyone out there), just show up to class to get a gist of the lecture materials then just study the notes packet a few days before the test; otherwise, don't bother showing up to class. I show up to class for the first 2 tests and skip entirely for the last exam. By the way, the exams are curved so don't stress out too much. I got an A in the class, so trust me, show up to class when you can (at least for the first 2 tests) and study the packet. Not a difficult class at all.
Review from a student who took gov 310L
THE MOST BORING CLASS YOU WILL EVER TAKE. worse than the paul harvey show on the radio. He sits in a spotlight on the stage and monotonously lectures with a tone of complaint.
Review from a student who took Gov 310L
Unlike smarty mcgee, I would not recommend this class to anyone bc he is dull and boring, and unless you really know what is going on then you are going to have to read, which is alot and boring at times. His test are not all that bad, but I just really find him to be boring and a waste of time. Take if you want, but not recommended.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
This professor's test are ridiculous. I read the material, came to class, KNEW the material...and got a B. He gives 3 exams weighted evenly and all are 35 question test consisting of questions worded as...Which is true? with 5 perfectly plausible answer choices. I did learn quite a bit through the reading, and yes even during some of his boring lectures but the B still stands. You should probably search for another professor.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
EASY! I bought the course notes and went to class only on test days (although i recommend the review days before each test, i had friends go for me to copy what he said) Grading is 3 tests and 3 tests only, with 35 questions on each except only 30 on the last. His lectures are boring, long, and monotonous. He seems like a phased out hippie whose been fried from years of reefer. He reads directly out of the infamous "red book". Buy those for ~$30 from paradigm and your set. DONT buy the two books from the coop, only buy the notes. there all you need, trust me This is the govt for those who dont want to learn. Beware, his tests are very tricky. The questions are mostly of the form "Which of the following is correct" with answers that belong to different categories altogether. You must study the red book before each test very well, and the stuff that he says is important is, so be sure to remember all the little distinctions between state/govt and all that shit. The class avg for each test is around 24-25, even on the last one. I think its 20% get A's, 35% get B's so if your avg our slightly below youll be fine. all in all, the easiest A ive ever gotten at ut so far
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
This is a very easy class if you buy the Lecture notes from paradigm. They literally include his entire lectures, which is good, because he is not the most exciting professor and it is very easy and tempting to skip class. But if you attend lecture every once in a while, get the lecture notes and at least skim the textbook chapters, you will easily make an A on the tests.
Review from a student who took GOV 310
extremely easy class. definatly an easy a.
Review from a student who took GOV 341M
This is a review of Enelow's "Decision Theory" class. Enelow, to put it bluntly, is a jerk. When he smarmily once told a student, "You asked a smart question; you want me to write you a reccomendation to law school?" I stopped going. He sighs frequently, looking disinterested and bored. He teaches to the test and nothing more. His class is boring and uninformative; he simply reads from the textbook. His tests are easy and his grading scale ridiculously tilted towards the uneducated. If you want a class where you don't have to go to class to get an easy A, take this class. If you want to take a class where you learn a lot from a dedicated professional that cares about the material and his students, take your parents money elsewhere.
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
I don't understand how some people thought this was a hard class. Let me tell you something, I took him my freshman year here, and during that time, I considered my Tuesdays and Thursdays to be days off because I didn't feel the need to go to his class at all. I bought his lecture notes for $30, didn't study till the night before the exam, and must've showed up to class 3-4 times besides the exams. I got a B in the class. And why is that? Because cramming when you haven't been to class at all at 11PM on the night before the exam ends up jumbling information in your brain during the exam. If I had studied 2 days before the exam and took my time, I would've gotten an A and thats no lie. I have no reason to lie, and I'm no genius. Just telling you, its an easy class, and you can skip class if you want to, just know everything in the lecture notes thoroughly.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
He stands on stage in one spot most of the time and the inflection in his voice never changes. The class seems like it will be fun the first day, but beware. You can't pay attention in class, you will find yourself concentrating on anything but his monotone voice. His packet of notes are really disorganized and he read them word for word.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
This class was really easy. I never read a page in either of the textbooks that he assigned us and I didnt buy the lecture notes and I still got an A. Of course I do have somewhat of a photographic memory and I went to every class. His lectures are somewhat boring but he is sometimes funny. If you can easily remember things then take the class, all of his tests are 35 multiple choice questions, even the final.
Review from a student who took 310L
I hated this class!! TESTS were hard, and tricky, how the heck can people say easy A! Do not listen to them!!! If u like to sleep in class and drop down ur gpa, be my guest!! but pls pls stay awayyyyyyyyy from this guy! take someone else! BY the way, he's a jack ass!!
Review from a student who took 310L
I hated this class!! TESTS were hard, and tricky, how the heck can people say easy A! Do not listen to them!!! If u like to sleep in class and drop down ur gpa, be my guest!! but pls pls stay awayyyyyyyyy from this guy! take someone else! BY the way, he's a jack ass!!
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
the class is freakin boring as hell. you are sure to fall asleep within 5 minutes of his monotone lectures. as long as you buy his lecture notes from paradigm and know them thoroughly you will do fairly well. his tests are tricky put he gives a decent curve. there is no need to go to any of his classes except on test day. forget the textbook, buy lecture notes, easy A
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
Enelow teaches 312L and 310 exactly the same way so if youve taken him before you know the drill. The only difference between the courses is that 312L has a shitload of dates and names, which can make it confusing. I think the class avg is lower in 312 than it is in 310 For those unfamiliar with enelow, its 3 midterms, no more no less. No homework, no final, no work at all. His lectures are good for sleeping only as he has a monotone voice and talks very slowly. 90% of the class doesnt go to class except for midterm and review dates. Basically, he gives you a schedule for the semester with 3 midterms (and a review date the class before each midterm). All of the test material is covered in a course note packet from Paradigm for about $35. Go to the review and he tells you which sections of the notes to go over. Study em well, because his test are multiple choice and very tricky. (uses a lot of "which of these do not belong" and "which is incorrect" and then has unrelated answers.) Grading is pretty simple, the first two test are 35 questions, the 3rd is 30 making 100 possible points. He then takes something like the top 25% A, 25-50 B, etc. In our class 80-100 points was an A. I took both governments with enelow, I am not a govt major (engr), and i never went to class and got A and B for 310 and 312. (i had an A going into the last test for 312 and didnt
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
his lectures are somewhat tedious and are good for catching some z's. if you read the book or his wonderful **lecture notes** you're sure to get a good grade.
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
mean, boring professor... most boring lectures ever. m/c test are not that easy really useless class about history of texas gov.
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
DO NOT TAKE THIS BORING, BORING class. I took him b/c of the rating and review. OH how wrong I was. The hardest thing for me was to stay awake in his class. The amount of the reading is not bad. His test was very tricky and hard. You must know the material WELL. His test was difficult for me. People would tell you not to buy the book. BUT YOU MUST!! b/c the course package only help you review. If you don't listen to me and take the class. Prepare yourself and enjoy sleeping in his class. It's such a great class to take power nap in. Do yourself and ur gpa a favor, stay away from this old boring man.
Review from a student who took GOV 310L
He sells his lecture notes for $30 and that is exactly what he puts on the test. 3 tests, no final and he curves. He is boring but you dont have to go to class
Review from a student who took GOV 310l
Enelow is not as bad as the other review say. There were three 35 question mult. choice tests and no final. His lectures were boring but just skim the textbooks and read the lecture notes before each test. I got A's on all the tests with minimal studying. (I also paid minimal attention during class.) Get the lecture notes!!
Review from a student who took 312L
One of the most boring teachers I've ever had. According to my friend who attended his class, his TA fell asleep in most classes. Older than dirt, Enelow teaches right out of his 20 year old lecture note packet that he recommends buying from Paradigm Printing. Went to class 3x the entire year, all for the tests, and still got an A. Huge curve. 87 is an A. 85-96 is an A- and so forth.
Review from a student who took GOV 312L
I read so many reviews saying this class was an easy A, so I immediately signed up with high expectations. It was by far the most boring class I have ever taken, and I couldn't retain anything he said even in the front row each class period because he talks in monotone. I studied hard for both tests, but because so much material was on each test, I didn't do well and had to drop the course. seriously-- DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS.

Grades given in courses taught by James Enelow

When teaching GOV 312L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 22% 35% 28% 9% 2% 4%

  All professors who have taught GOV 312L

When teaching GOV 335N

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 25% 41% 24% 5% 1% 4%

  All professors who have taught GOV 335N

When teaching GOV 385R

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 80% 20% 0% 0% 0% 0%

  All professors who have taught GOV 385R

When teaching GOV 385N

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 42% 54% 0% 0% 0% 4%

  All professors who have taught GOV 385N

When teaching GOV 341M

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 28% 27% 24% 10% 3% 8%

  All professors who have taught GOV 341M

When teaching GOV 310L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 28% 35% 26% 7% 1% 3%

  All professors who have taught GOV 310L

Rating Summary:

Personality: 2.13
Grading Fairness: 3.57
Lecture Quality: 1.48
Overall: 2.65

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