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Review from a student who took BIO 211
This class made me switch my major. Its a two hour course that takes about 15-20 hours a week to prepare for. Dr. Ed's lectures are real choppy as she jumps from one topic to another and then back to the first topic. In other words, its hard to follow! Nice lady but crazy class. I reccommend not taking her!
Review from a student who took BIO 211
The average GPA for the last class she taught is 1.99. What can I say, her record speaks volumes already about the class. But if you decide to be hard-headed or plain stupid, be my gues and hope you make it through the pain.
Review from a student who took bio 211
This lady isn't too bright. It is an intro to bio class and she lectures as if we already know the stuff. She tries to make herself seem smart by using big words. Her tests are pointless because doing well consists of memorizing packets. Even if you did get an A in this calss, it wasn't cause you learned anything. Trust me taking her will make you hate biology. You will learn nothing and on top of that she isn't very nice either. So take the advice and don't take her if possible.
Review from a student who took BIO 211
This is one of the best teacher I have ever seen in for a long time. Yes, she is a teacher trying to make you to work your ass of for Biology, but after one semester is over, you feel like you actully learn alots of stuffs. You didn't waste your time. I am VERY VERY sorry for those sorry dump-asses, whose doesn't learn shit, in result get an F, and pissed off now try to frame that professor. If you just want an easy A, don't take her, and if you actully like biology, and want to be in Biology related major, you should definitely take her!
Review from a student who took BIO 211
Dr. Ed is the WORST biology teacher EVER. She's THE DEVIL! Do NOT take her. I took Bio 211 with her. It's supposed to be an introduction biology course. She gave us so much crap to memorize, you even memorize crap that you wont even have to take until molecular biology or something. For the first test, we had to memorize about 50 chemical structures of molecular compounds such as DNA, RNA, Amino Acids... Every test, she gives you a packet that's about 30-40 pages long front and back. They are a mixture of multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answers. For her multiple choice questions, there are about 10-20 choices listed. There's more than one correct answer, and if you get one incorrect, it will cancel out one of your correct answers. She will NOT give you the answers to these worksheets. The TAs don't know them because she refuses to give them the answer either. Her test comes straight from these worksheets. Too bad we dont' learn any of the right answers to start with. She tries to teach everything she knows about Biology to all her students. It's just too bad this is an introduction biology course. Do NOT take her unless you want to work your ass off and still fail. She is the DEVIL!!!
Review from a student who took Bio 211
This Professor has got to be the dumbest teacher I have ever met. She's so stupid! She tries to act all smart in class by teaching us crap that's not in the book and stuff that it is not necessary to learn until like molecular biology...... Don't ever, EVER take her class......
Review from a student who took BIO 211
Edmiston is extremely demanding. She once had us memorize like a hundred chemical structures. She gives TONS of handouts, and you must make sense of them yourself. She answers questions ambigously .. only advice I can give is to not take her!
Review from a student who took BIO 211
The class does require a lot of work, but it's worth it. I feel like I understand all the information we learned and went over in class. If you actually do the packets (though long), attend lectures and discussion sections the class is not difficult. (Also, Shankar's discussions/office hours are the best of all.) Keeping on top of things really helps make this class manageable, and you don't have to cram all the info the night or two before the exams. Lectures are not too exciting, but she gives info that you need to know in order to get the packets, etc. completed. The packets give you an idea that the tests are going to be long. If you're willing/interesting to work hard for your grade in the class, take Dr. Ed. If not, I'd say try to find another prof. Overall, it's really not that bad.
Review from a student who took BIO 211
Dr. Judith L. Edmiston. I am begging you not to take this class. It is a bunch of crap. So much work for just an introductory class for Biology. The handouts, packets and test are totally out of proportion and ridiculous. So much for the textbook, half her questions are creative and make the text book useless. Had a final of 20 PAGES LONG!. Please DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS, LOOK I AM EVEN BEGGING YOU.
Review from a student who took BIO 211
Avoid taking this class with Edmiston, unless you enjoy doing much more work than neccessary. Her lectures arent informative and her exams are insanely long. The key to this class is doing the packets she gives you and then memorizing them word for word. Her test are usually 15-20 pages in length fill in the blank - and spelling counts. Make sure you go to class so you can pick up handouts and packets she gives out - or else you will be completely lost in this class.
Review from a student who took bio 211
If you're taking this class, take my advice!Take this class if you're going into pre-med or anything like that! You will be so prepared for any admission test into any profession. There is no homework required to be turned in. She gives you packets with practice problems and takes 90% of the test questions from the packets. GO TO OFFICE HOURS! She and the other 5 T.A.s have tons of office hours and those help tons in her class. If Shankar is still a T.A., GO TO HIS DISCUSSION. He has been her T.A. for a while and knows what all will be on the tests. Also, she's very fair in grading. Your grade for the class is either the final grade only, each exam worth 25%, or the final counted twice and other tests counted once. Whichever will give you the higher grade, is your grade. Oh yeah...get a study group together. It's most helpful! Finally, don't take this class if you're not willing to do the packets and study, but i beg you to take this class! it will prepare you for ANY future professor! She was the best teacher i've EVER had!
Review from a student who took BIO 211
This class was great. It really prepares you for the upper level biology courses. It will require some work to get an A. As long as you go to office hours and work on your test packet this class will be a breeze.
Review from a student who took BIO 211
There really isn't any reason to take this class from Edmiston. Her tests are 10 to 14 pages in length, you have to take them at night (because they're so damn long), and they are MUCH more difficult than the tests you would have from any other profesor. I had Edmiston Spring 2001 and got a D that I feel I didn't deserve, then I retook 211 with Skipper and had such a better experience. He was laid back and enjoyable to listen to, rather than expecting perfection from every student. His tests were also 40 to 50 multiple choice questions with only one page of fill in the blank and short answer. Unless you just really enjoy spending all your free time studying to MAYBE get an A or B, do not take this class from Edmiston. I repeat DO NOT take this class from Edmiston.
Review from a student who took BIO 211
My good luck be on your side if you take this course...Beware.
Review from a student who took BIO 211
Alright, she is one tough cookie. The trick to her class (at least when I took her) was to study and do those huge packets she gave us. Yes, those packets are time-consuming and scary, but a lot of the test questions come straight from the packets. It really helps a lot if you get a group together and spread the work out. In the end, it will help you out more than waste your time. I didn't figure out this until the 3rd exam/final, but I still came out with a nice B. It's not a A, but it's definately not a C. But if you are looking for an easy professor, I say BEWARE.
Review from a student who took bio 211
dont take her...thats all I have to say
Review from a student who took bio 211
I got an "A" in this class so I cant complain alot but I didnt learn much from it.To do well in this class make sure to form study groups (thanks jaclyn,anushree,gina) and do the "packets" she gives together because there is no way in the world you can do them on your own too many questions covering too much material. Go to alot of the "office hours" and get the answers for the questions you couldnt figure out for a week and then go duh... no honestly she makes you concentrate on stuff like "these are symbols on this white paper with black ink that represent the conclusion that is the structure of a cell" when you could have just said hey its a damn cell !! but then if you can do the packets and memorise them and if you like blow pops do take this class. :D
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Review from a student who took BIO 211
I’m really surprised by the negative reviews for Dr. Ed. This was one of the best courses I took at UT. In fact, thirteen years later I still have my lecture notes. She’s a tough professor who expects you to really learn this complex material, but...isn’t that why we’re in school? I got an A in the class and it was a ton of work - I came to all her office hours and studied hard, and it was well worth it. Really rewarding class from a wonderful, dedicated professor.

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