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Review from a student who took td 301
good teacher. makes lectures interesting. NOT a blowoff though... you do have to know the stuff- attendance not required but helps ALOT. nice guy
Review from a student who took TD 301
His class is really interesting but you should attend else you're not gonna do well on the exams..i mean you can land up with a B but an A is definately outta your reach if u dont attend...also his class is fun...the guy has PERSONALITY!
Review from a student who took TD 301
Dorsey is great! His lectures are interesting and the material is pretty easy. He plays music at the beginning of class and it's a nice atmosphere in the class. They don't take any kind of attendance and attending class isn't absolutely necessary, but helps since sometimes he shows videos or the TAs perform skits and it can be difficult to answer test questions about those if you weren't there. You also have to attend 3 plays in the semester and there are questions about the plays on the tests. He gives very thorough review sheets for the tests and if you know what's on the sheet, you will do fine on the tests. The book isn't necessary if you go to class because the tests are based completely on the lectures. I didn't get the book and I've gotten A's on the first two tests. The TAs are also really great. They're really friendly and helpful if you don't understand something or if you want more info on something from class that's interesting to you.

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