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Review from a student who took CC 306M
Pretty easy class... Just come on time, memorize everything, and you'll get an A... If you're not good at memorizing stuff (like vocab words) then don't take this class, because that's ALL it is...
Review from a student who took 306m
BEST CLASS EVER! 1. workload not that much, usually just complete memorization of two chapters of a medical book. You can study for 2 hours the night before the exam and do fine. 2. His lectures are okay, he starts each class with an allegory to something in Greek Mythology. PAY ATTN! these are usually the bonuses on his test. 3. 7 TESTS (1 tests gets dropped) are 45 question mult choice and always have a bonus. 3 Quizzes, your allowed to drop one. These are pop and usually on wed and fri. He'll tell u a day beforehand usually & gives hints to them. 4. HW NONE. 5. This course wasn't too bad. He doesn't curve tests or anything at the end of the year so don't expect that. But you can go to his office hours if you have discrepancies with the grading. IT actually was the best one so far.
Review from a student who took CC306m
I took this class in the spring of is not a hard class, but rumor has it that he restructured the class for my semester. the whole class comes down to memorization....if you're real good at it... you'll get an A, otherwise you won't. The professor really doesn't determine your grade in a class like this b/c you either memorized the words or you didn't...fair and square! he is a nice guy though!
Review from a student who took CC 306M
Soooo easy, I went to 1/3 of the classes and ended up with an easy A. 7 quizzes, one every other week, you get to drop one, so if you do well on the first six you can stop going to class for the last few weeks. Also 3 pop quizzes evenly spaced, and you can drop one. They are easy to predict and not as hard as regular quizzes. Each regular quiz takes like an hour to study for, it is such a joke. Lectures are so dreary, if at all possible have someone obtain the handouts from class and fill them out for you to study. I never used the book, don't even bother buying one, really. Quizzes are fill in the blanks, you have to translate to English or from English. It's all about prefixes and suffixes, and partial credit is abundant. The conclusion is that lecture is useless and boring, have someone go and take notes for you while you sleep in your bed; Doig is a nice guy, the class is laughably easy, and if you don't end up with an A you really need to get your act together.
Review from a student who took CC 306M
If you're thinking of taking MedTerms and you don't like memorization, stop reading this and find another class. You can use about two hours the night before each test and do pretty well. 7 tests every two weeks, in Spring 06 we dropped one of the first 6 and the last one counted. But he doesn't curve, so keep a total of your scores and try not to be borderline. Great class, I actually liked learning the roots of the medical words. And being an engineer, it was great not to pull out a calculator for a class!
Review from a student who took CC 306m
BEWARE! DOIG HAS CHANGED! Quizzes have become ridiculously hard and cheating is not longer attainable due to different versions. Now, less than 1/3 of the class obtains As on quizzes! Also, his pop quizzes are no longer on Fridays...I already missed one so I cannot miss the other 2! Right now, his class is the only class I have a B in....I absolutely regret registering for this class thinking it was blowoff!! If you must take his class, MEMORIZE THE ENTIRE BOOK!
Review from a student who took CC 306M
While this class was certainly nothing difficult, it's not a cake walk (wasn't for me anyway). The class format is pretty basic. For about 2 weeks, you get a worksheet each day to work on in class. He goes over the WS and the end so if you haven't done it yet, you can do it as he goes over it. Before he goes over the WS, he usually tells some story from Greek or Roman mythology relating to what you're studying or goes over some stuff in the book or possibly some excercises. After 2 weeks, you have a quiz. Also, at random times through out the course, you have a pop quiz. Neither quiz can be made up, as I remember, but he does drop 1 of each kind. There is no curving as he told me "you're not competing with each other". As a result, my borderline B stayed a B. If you pay attention in class and study and have reasonable memory, this class should be an easy A. Don't slack off though cause he doesn't really help you if your borderline.
Review from a student who took CC 306M
This class is an extremely easy A. Make sure you attend class at least on Fridays because all of our pop quizzes ocurred then and that seems to be his pattern. Get the worksheets either in class or in office hours. I would recommend going to class or having a friend go to class so you can get the answers to the handouts without having to look them up in the book. 7 quizzes, one of which is dropped for 90% and 3 pop quizzes one dropped for 10%. This class is an easy A, as long as you can memorize 4-5 handouts before the quiz. I hate memorization so I found this class tedious, but it is an easy way to get fine arts credit for all you technical majors.
Review from a student who took DOIG
The class is all about memorization. attending class is boring, but he gives a lot of hints about the material covered on the test. DO THE WORKSHEETS. they tend to be on the test. also do the chapter review because he uses those sections, and especially the medical reports. i took the class in spring 06. he had his tests on wed NOT friday. he does not announce those ahead of time, but if there are a lot of old words in the worsheet for that day, then you better expect a pop quiz, though the pop quizes were not spread thoroughly. they tended to be more during the end of the semester. if vocab is not for you, DO NOT THINK THIS IS A BLOWOFF CLASS.
Review from a student who took CC 306
I thought this was a very interesting class on the Greek/Latin origin of words in the English language. It's sometimes very dry, but then othertimes there will be little things that fascinate you. (The origin of the "Jesus fish", the name George comes from geo + orgos = offspring of the earth, the name Phillip comes from phil + hippos = horselover) I don't know, maybe I'm a nerd, but I enjoyed learning about the influences of Greek/Latin on our language.
Review from a student who took CC 306M
This class is mostly full of "pre-med" students as I think it is recommended by the Health Professions Office to students. Anyway, if you are going to take it, either take it with Doig or possibly Nethercut, or don't take it at all. CC 306M is a very easy, although boring in my opinion, class. If you go to class every day, it is a guaranteed A. If you learn how to skip class efficiently, it is still most likely an A. Let me put it to you this way... the only way you won't get an A is if you just absolutely slack off.

Grades given in courses taught by George Doig

When teaching CC 306

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 48% 25% 12% 4% 5% 7%

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When teaching CC 306M

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 66% 22% 6% 1% 2% 3%

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When teaching LAT 324

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 43% 37% 10% 0% 2% 8%

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When teaching LAT 311

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 18% 77% 5% 0% 0% 0%

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When teaching LAT 506Q

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 67% 17% 13% 0% 0% 4%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 4.64
Grading Fairness: 4.73
Lecture Quality: 2.82
Overall: 4.09

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