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Review from a student who took CC 303
She was sooo awesome. It is important to go to class, but if you do go, you dont have to read any of the book. All of her quizzes and tests come from the book. She gives you all the short answer questions on the final. Class is interesting and she is super nice. She is a great professor who makes all of the lectures fun and organized. She tends to talk slightly too fast, but thats no big deal if you take good notes. All in all, this class kicked ass!!
Review from a student who took CC 303
She totally kicked ass. She made it worth going to class. key to the class was showing up!!! If you show up you'll learn and you won't miss any of the quizzes (some less anounced than others)
Review from a student who took CC303
She is very lay back profeesor. You don't even have to read the books all you have to really do is show up to class and take notes. She understands that most peopleare taking the class for there elective credit. Also you learn in the process.

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When teaching CC 303

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 51% 23% 10% 6% 5% 4%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 5.00
Grading Fairness: 5.00
Lecture Quality: 5.00
Overall: 5.00

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