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Review from a student who took M 427 K
I pretty much learned everything from the TA and on my own, it is kind of pointless to go to the lectures. He doesn't give out much partial credit on the tests, workload is not that bad, just be prepared to read a lot of the materials by yourself. goodluck to whoever is taking this class from him, and you are going to need it
Review from a student who took M 427K
He barely speaks English!
Review from a student who took M 427K
Dr. de la Llave is often mistaken for a bad professor due to his accent, but his lecture is actually very interesting when you listen carefully. He knows the book by heart, and knows his material very well. His tests are easy (comparing to some others) and he employs class projects to help learning besides homework (and they are huge grade boosters). Just go to class, take good notes, and review the homework before class. (oh, don't sit too close during lecture, he sometimes forget to button up his shirt...)

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percentage: 22% 20% 21% 14% 15% 9%

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