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Review from a student who took 317
I had him for the 317 Lab which basically was not necessary to go to. He never gave quizzes, just a final at the end of the semester. It wasn't too bad, pretty much what he said and he gave us one research project which was graded easy. He's pretty interesting. I never paid attention to his lectures b/c we really didn't have to but they seemed on track with the labs. I'll look forward to taking more of his labs/classes.
Review from a student who took CH 302
I took Professor Cowley during the summer. His lectures are pretty basic and simply, easy to understand. His tests are nothing like his lectures. He hasn't taught ch 302 in 10 years. The class average by the final was a 67. He doesn't curve at all. He said he has no final, just 4 tests..but the truth is the 4th test is the final.
Review from a student who took CH 301
Do not take this teacher. I had a class with about 400 students and some of us weren't so lucky. His lectures are so simple and basic but his tests are far from basic. He will bore you with simple fundamentals and charm you with his jokes. But he will make you suffer on tests, he is not looking just for comprehension but application to far more complex and difficult questions. There is a reason that his classes are so big and the tests are difficult! Funny nice man, yes, great guy, maybe, but do NOT take this teacher! You can find a better chemistry class than this.
Review from a student who took CH 301
This guy is funny that you get to like him besides that his class quality is poor. He bases his class in the overhead monitor going over sheets that only describe the basic stuff but at the time of the exams you'll feel overwhelmed by the trick questions and the topics that he didn't cover.
Review from a student who took CH 301
Dr.Cowley is easy!! All you have to do is go to his lectures, copy down the notes, and do the homework. He even gives a 2 point curve at the end of the semester!
Review from a student who took CH 301
Dr. Cowley is a very nice man. He tries to tell jokes in class, but since he is really rather old they don't tend to make a lot of sense. Also since he is so old, he forgets what he has taught and what he hasn't. So the lectures are pretty pointless because he might cover the same slide about 3 times before he finally changes it to the next one. I would leave the lecture and not have a clue what he taught. I would definitely recommend going to the TA's office hours. I had a great TA who went over everything with us, which is the only reason I even did well in the class. The good thing about Dr. Cowley is that you don't have to read the book, only study the notes and homework for the exams. The first and fourth exams are pretty hard, but the second and third are really easy. The TA for our class held a review session before each exam telling you exactly what you needed to study. Dr. Cowley has two different grading scales that he uses to get the students the highest grades. You can either count all four exams and not take the final or you can drop one of your test grades and take the final. He also curves at the end of the semester. If you get Dr. Cowley it isn't the end of the world, but I would make an effort to not get him.
Review from a student who took vhAcSAaaze
RttgQF My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann at imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

Grades given in courses taught by Alan Cowley

When teaching CH 431

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 17% 37% 25% 13% 3% 4%

  All professors who have taught CH 431

When teaching CH 390K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 60% 40% 0% 0% 0% 0%

  All professors who have taught CH 390K

When teaching CH 317

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 71% 23% 2% 1% 2% 1%

  All professors who have taught CH 317

When teaching CH 301

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 17% 29% 26% 13% 10% 6%

  All professors who have taught CH 301

When teaching CH 380N

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 50% 50% 0% 0% 0% 0%

  All professors who have taught CH 380N

When teaching CH 304K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 12% 30% 25% 19% 10% 4%

  All professors who have taught CH 304K

When teaching CH 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 10% 26% 27% 15% 6% 17%

  All professors who have taught CH 302

When teaching CH 305

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 26% 22% 35% 9% 9% 0%

  All professors who have taught CH 305

Rating Summary:

Personality: 3.71
Grading Fairness: 2.86
Lecture Quality: 2.29
Overall: 2.57

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