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Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Welcome to the city of Cleveland. Lynda Cleveland is the mayor. She will entertain you throughout the semester with her odd teaching style. You will be laughing hysterically at times. And then crying equally hysterically when its time to do the Business Fair Project. For the tests, just do not miss class when she gives her review. She will read out atleast 25 out of 50 actual questions that will be on the test and give you answers right there. So write all that down. IF you are stuck with the project semester then pray to whatever god you believe in that you get a good group. You will come close to winning but dont let that fool you. Overall, shes not too bad. Just one person trying to make a difference in her city......
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Worst course better be rich in order to make it on the business fair and you better kiss up to her. She is full of herself!!! One of her favorite sayings is: "If you don't like it here, there are two doors in the front and in the back." She will say it numerous times during the semester. BE AWARE... I regret taking this class.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Prof. Cleveland is speaks clearly, but even though this class is for non-business majors, its still pretty damn hard...There is so much work to do, and unless your group members work TOGETHER, then you are in for some deep shizzle.....peace out...
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
All these reviews say the same thing - and it is true. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. all these reviews are written from peolpe going through the same thouroughly unenjoyable expierience. i have never worked so hard at anything in my life, and got an 89 on the business fair and an 89 in the class. After the business fair she disappears until the next semester, so it is impossible for you to discuss it. The business fair consumed my life. our group had a 250+ page document, a kick ass booth, and did the whole t-shirt/ sucking up thing, but to no avail. Hard work does not always pay off, especially in the city of Cleveland
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Dr. Cleveland is a great person, but the course she teaches is ridiculous. Her lectures are all on powerpoint, but she doesn't post them online, so you end up spending most of class squinting and scrawling. Attendance is taken regularly, so you come to class out of fear and not really out of enjoyment. It's just one big gimmick. The theories and concepts are pretty fluffy. The Stats segment seemed promising, until she presents this impossible test to take. The business fair is something else, basically, expect to spend an additional $50, to buy materials and all the other silly things that go along with that. One big gimmick!
Review from a student who took mis 311f
try to avoid this prof. she makes you do the business project during summer in short period of time. it screws up your whole summer schedule you dont learn anything from this class.
Review from a student who took MIS311F
I was definitely hesitant to take MIS 311F with Cleveland because I'd heard some horror stories. But she really wasn't that bad. She does her best to make class interactive and fun, but she can be cheesy. And, as much as the business fair was, it was a lot of fun. Plus, if you win you automatically get a 95 on your lowest test score. I would definitely recommend her, but only if you have the time. This class is a lot to handle.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Lecture is fun, but all the outside activities are overloading at times. Way too much work invovled in getting a good grade. At the end of the year u get to do a business fair, that is enjoyable if u get a good group. The tests aren't hard, but lots of other stuff goes into your grade, so watch out.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Course workload: no hw, lots of pointless reading that is sometimes covered on the midterms, business fair is a PITA. Teaching / Lecture style: Plenty of anecdotally that's often wrong (just look it up on I stopped going to class because I usually only get 1-2 lines worth of notes per 90 minute lecture but she sometimes takes attendance. Testing style: 50 question multiple choice. First two midterms are stats heavy and you'll use up all 90 minutes. Homework tips: no hw. Overall: I hate this class, I don't like the prof (she plays favorites brown nosers), I hate the final project.
Review from a student who took mis311f
she is the most ridiculous college professor ive ever had. how the heck is she going to know my name out of 800 other students??? the class teaches you nothing valuable except how to kiss up for a good grade or sponsorships for your business project. she cant teach stats and all you learn is how to enter data into an excel sheet. take it in the summer.
Review from a student who took MIS311F
I thought she was wonderful...the tests were very easy and she really cared about the students. She definitely goes out of her way to help you. She also gives a few extra credit points which help! It was an easy A for me.
Review from a student who took mis 311f
i didn't learn shit about mis in this class. i don't even know what the hell a tps system is after this.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
this was undoubtedly the worst class. it took up so much time and it wasn't worth it. i learned nothing about mis and the business fair is a bunch of crap. i wish i had taken it over the summer to avoid the business fair. unfortunately, she's the only teacher. there are 3 tests and 1 final, which is worth the same as the test and you can either pick the early (easier) 25 question one or the later scheduled 100 question one (harder). business fair is worth more than half your grade. she takes attendance 12 times for extra points.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
First of all, this class has nothing to do with MIS until the last couple weeks. Second, this class is filled with busy work that drains your valuable time. Business Fair is a major pain. The second test is weird; it's supposed to be about stats, but in her own way, I guess. Don't take this class unless you really have to (I don't think the Business Foundations Certificate is worth going through this class).
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
I didn't enjoy this class very much. Every day that I went to this class, I felt like I was wasting my time, and I didn't learn very much. I still don't really understand what MIS is all about, because she didn't teach it very well and went off on tangents. And I really don't understand how the business fair relates to MIS either. Is there suppose to be a correlation? All in all, I'm just glad that it's all over.
Review from a student who took MIS 311f
i am not sure why all the negativeness about the "The Mayor". But i enjoyed Dr. Cleveland's class and have never had a teacher that cared more about trying to learn her students. As a student i really respect that. Yes the Business Fair is time conusming but if you get a good group it can be very enjoyable. But honestly guys, pray to whatever god you believe in that your in a good group. Class is alright but i think its worth it to enjoy Dr. Cleveland's company for a semester.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Help, I need this course! After reading all these reviews I'm freaked out about this class. Cleveland is the only teacher for this course. I am doing business foundations so this is the MIS class I have to take, and summer school is not an option for me. Any advice? Can someone tell me about the project from hell, and do you get to pick your groups for the project????
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
This is the worst class that I have taken at UT; business foundations is not worth it. This year Cleveland decided to assign the business fair groups, and if you get stuck with a bunch of lazy randoms, you are srewed, plus the tests are really hard. Good luck with this one!
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Take this class over the summer if you can help it. If you take it during the fall or spring you will have to participate in her Business Fair-- beware-- it will consume your life for several weeks. If you must take it during the regular year, try to take a light courseload or else one without much due mid-November/April. To win you must suck up to Cleveland-- meet with her as often as you can (an impossible task because her TAs are hard to organize schedules with), buy her a group shirt, and throw publicity stunts at the fair. She thinks she has a radical new teaching style but she does not. She claims to try to get to know every single person in her two 500 person classes based upon little yellow information cards which she tries to talk you into turning in at the start of the semester. Tests are trivial. Things she says in class will be on the test are almost always not on the test. The only positive aspect to the grading is that you get bonus points, albeit not many (15 on a 1000 point scale), for showing up. Showing up is unfortunately necessary to try and keep up with her odd teaching style and the material she covers. The class has virtual nothing to do with MIS-- you don't start on them till the last couple weeks.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Ugh. Take stats first, because she doesn't teach that very well. And don't buy the book. Other than that, nothing new to say. Except that the powerpoints she has look like the ones i did in middle school when Office 97 was new and exciting.
Review from a student who took MIS 311F
Overall this class was not too bad. No homework just readings, the tests were not too hard, the business fair project is the only hard part. I did not read the assigned readings, made B on all the tests, and still got an A. Do good on the project and you should be fine.
Review from a student who took MIS311F
Beware of the Mayor!
Review from a student who took MIS311
"The Mayor" thinks she is has developed a revolutionary teaching style...all she really succeeds in is entertainment. She hams up all of her lectures with made up stories and irrelevant props. The tests have nothing to do with what you learn in class and class has noting to do with MIS. The buisness fair is a stressful experience only to be won by some obscure grading criteria nobody seems to understand. I have one test left in this class and I might get a D and I might get an A...very unorganized. Beware!
Review from a student who took MIS 311f
if the road still goes through the "city of cleveland"....take the detour, either that or leave business foundations. it just isnt worth going through all the crap she puts you through. and if you arent in a group with athletes, dont expect to win the business fair either.

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Personality: 2.71
Grading Fairness: 2.58
Lecture Quality: 2.54
Overall: 2.50

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